••• Lesson From Crumpled Paper •••

Story Of D Day


••• Lesson From Crumpled Paper •••

When I was a child, because of my impulsive character, I was angry at everything. In most cases, after these incidents I felt ashamed and I tried to console those I have hurt.

One day, my teacher saw me apologizing after an explosion of anger and handed me a sheet of plain paper and said:

Knead the paper now!

With fear, obeyed and did a ball with it. The teacher told me again, to now leave it as it was before. Obviously I could not leave it as before. The paper was still full of folds.


The teacher told me: “The hearts of men are like that roll”. The impression left on them will be hard to erase just as it is hard to erase these wrinkles. So I learned to be comprehensive, and more patient.

When I feel like bursting, I remember that crumpled paper. The impression left on people is impossible to erase. When we hurt someone with our actions or our words, we just want to fix the error, but it’s too late ….

Someone once told me : “Speak only when their words can be as gentle as silence. “

We will always be responsible for our actions.






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8 thoughts on “••• Lesson From Crumpled Paper •••

  1. True indeed, when we are angry our mind is in an irrational state and whatever we say or do is also the same( i read in Norman Vincent Peale’s book)

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