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Net Neutrality (#netneutrality) is the buzz word among the Internet users Now-a-days. People are talking a lot about It, But Still I feel that this issue should reach a lot more Internet Users.

Do you really care about it? We at Mentor My Way Inc seriously care about it and We are in full support of #NetNeutrality.

As a Common Internet User does it really going to affect you or not is the BIG QUESTION?

What Is Net Neutrality? Do We really have to worry about it?

Today when We are on the Internet, irrespective of the Interface be it a Laptop, a Desktop Or Smart Phone Or A Tablet, We have the freedom of accessing any Website or App of our choice at the same speed. Be it WatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Google Hangout Or Buying Something from Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon Or Looking for Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration and Motivation at Mentor My Way Blog (#mentormyway).

Now what Telecom Operators in India are demanding from TRAI is that they want to control the way people are accessing the internet. They want TRAI to allow them to provide differential internet access to users all over the country.

They are planning to charge differently for different websites and if You, The Internet User, don’t opt for their plan then your Internet Speed would become Slow, Very Slow.
The Telecom Operators now want to charge for the Apps and Website You Access instead of Charging for the Data Usage.

Now to make it more clear let us take the example of your Electricity Bill, Now What You get is the consolidated Bill for all your usage for the month irrespective of the time spent on different appliances.

But just imagine, from the coming month Electricity Department says that you would be charged for using different appliances differently. You would be charged separately for Using Air Conditioner, Fridge, Geyser, Tube Light, CFL, Fan, Television, Laptop and the list is endless…. Imagine how difficult it would become for you.

Considering Our Country INDIA, where we have around 75% of Total Population between 16-34 Years. Just Imagine how important it is to have Free Access to the Internet. It will definitely hamper the growth if there would be any kind of control over the way People Access the Internet.

In My Opinion Internet or What we call the World Wide Web should be free to access without any kind of Control from Anyone.

I would appeal the Indian Government and Prime Minister Modi, on behalf of all the Internet User Community, should support Net Neutrality in India.

Your Support if also Very Vital in this Issue and Your Support is just a click away. Please Visit this link and Send an E-mail to TRAI demanding a Free, Open Internet at http://www.savetheinternet.in

Do remember to send the E-mail to TRAI before the 24th April 2015; because after that TRAI may issue guidelines in favour of the Telecom Operator.

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Mentor My Way Inc.
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