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BY JOE COLEMAN | 06.24.18 03:00 PST | Updated 06.25.18 05:00 PDT | A laser beam system for blind people that is being developed by a California company could soon be in place.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract to a company called Beam Laser, LLC, to design and build a 3.5-kilowatt (6-megawatt) laser system that can be installed on top of a commercial building, allowing blind people to see a 3-dimensional image of their surroundings.

“This project is an exciting step forward for the blind community in the United States,” the U.K.-based company said in a statement.

Beam Laser has partnered with the U-M team, which is part of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Advanced Light Source project.

Beam lasers are designed to penetrate the human eye and beam light onto the retina, where the visual information is processed.

The technology has the potential to reduce blindness in some patients by up to 30 percent, according to the company.

The project is a collaboration between U-Mountaineer and the U,M.S., School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Beam laser has been in development since last year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

The company has already tested the laser on its first prototype, but the project has not yet reached the goal of $3 million needed to move forward.

Beam beam is a type of laser that can produce an image by bouncing light off the retina.

A beam beam will also produce a 3D image of a target area.

The beam laser is a “bouncing” laser that is able to produce an object on the retina from a beam of light.

Beam beams are used for many things, such as creating a map of an area.

It can also be used to create an image of the retina itself, according the company’s website.

The idea of a beam laser comes from the idea that people with vision problems can’t see clearly because of their retinas.

A laser pointer is used to make the beam beam.

The laser is usually located on the tip of a pencil.

In the case of the beam laser, the beam is generated by a “delta beam” and then bounced off a target surface.

The distance between the laser and the target is controlled so that the laser beam can focus on the target.

The process can be very fast and requires very little power.

The lasers are also used in medical applications to treat eye diseases.

Beam is currently developing beam beams for the use of lasers to light up walls and other structures, and for applications like identifying people and objects in a crowd or in low-light environments.

“In many applications, the vision of the person is the most important factor, and they can be visually impaired,” the company said.

The companies website states that the technology is “extremely cost effective.”

Beam is not the only company working on beam lasers for blind individuals.

The team is also working on a project to create beam beams to help blind people see.

This team has developed a “visual beam” that can detect and track the movement of objects and people.

The visual beam has been tested in real-world settings with people with visual impairments and blind people.

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