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The Trevor project project is one of many wood projects available to students through the Wood Project Series.

The project is designed to help students learn about the techniques and materials used in woodworking. 

The project curriculum is designed for students to learn about how to create their own projects from scratch, as well as how to build and assemble projects from a variety of materials.

Students can choose from one of three types of projects: woodworking projects, handcraft projects, or decorative projects. 

The Trevor program, which is part of the Wood Program Series, focuses on students learning about woodworking, handmaking, and decorating. 

Students will learn about a variety, including the use of wood for furniture, tables, and benches, and the benefits of using the natural wood in furniture. 

These projects will also be available to all students who want to build projects, as long as they have an interest in wood. 

This is the second project from the Wood Series that will be available for students. 

Woods Project Series: Trevor Project is available for $5.00 and is available to purchase online. 

Learn more about the Wood project series 

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