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The home is located in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan, where many New Yorkers live.

Its owners are looking to install the hummingbird porch project with a total of eight units in a $25 million, 15-story building.

The project will be a mixed-use project that includes a commercial building, retail, office and a home-services center.

“We’re trying to get a community together,” said Mark T. Miller, president and CEO of TAS Architects, the project’s architect.

The group behind the project, which is also the home of the MidTown Midtown neighborhood association, is working with the New York State Department of Housing and Community Development, according to TAS’ website.

The new project will have a retail, commercial and office center, according the project.

The front porch will be about 5 feet wide by 1 foot deep, and its length will be approximately 7 feet.

The design includes a wide-open space with a porch and an open roof with a large canopy.

The space will have two entrances, one at the base of the structure and one at each corner.

The entrance will be large enough to accommodate two birds, and the second entrance will allow people to enjoy the patio area, Miller said.

The construction will be done by a contractor called TAS.

The company plans to have the project completed by June of 2019.

The building is slated to be completed in 2019.

Miller said that he and his partners are also in the process of negotiating with the developer of a second home that will house another community project.