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Polygon has just released the latest build of the Raspberry Pi’s latest model.

It’s a little over a week since the Pi 3’s release, and as you can see from the images below, it’s still pretty early days for the new model.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new USB-C port, which was the first thing I noticed upon first booting the Raspberry PI.

There’s also a new camera and Ethernet port, as well as a bunch of improvements to the SD card interface.

You can see the full list of changes below.

The main reason to look at the latest release of the Pi is that the new version of the OS is faster than the previous one, which is good news for those who have been using it for years.

The new version also includes a new boot loader, which should improve stability and make it more reliable for newer Pi models.

The new Pi 3 also has a couple of new features that you might not expect.

One is the addition of a new power management mode called Advanced Mode, which offers better power management and allows you to turn on/off the GPIO pins.

The other new feature is the ability to disable or enable USB debugging and USB debugging options.

The latter are particularly useful for those of you who don’t like to connect peripherals directly to the Pi and are more interested in debugging the operating system.

As for the main camera, the latest update brings a new lens with a wide-angle lens design.

This lens is smaller than the existing zoom lens, and it’s also slightly smaller than what we saw on the Pi 2.

The only thing we’re not quite sure about is whether or not the new lens will be able to capture a wider angle, but we’ll find out soon enough.

The updated OS also includes new bootloaders and a new memory manager.

The update also adds a bunch more GPIO and RAM commands to the bootloader.

It may be that there are a few more additions to the OS in the next update, but as of now, the new build is still the most stable and stable release for the Pi yet.

It should be a lot easier to get a fresh Pi 3 build from Polygon than the earlier builds.

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