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A project looking Glass is a tool that aims to allow people to create projects, often in the form of photos and videos, that they can share on social media.

The project, created by a team of software developers in partnership with Google and Facebook, has become something of a mini-YouTube for its creators.

The founders of the project are calling it the Project Zomboid Project.

The first step is to create a YouTube channel that will allow users to upload their projects.

Then the project will allow the public to vote on their favorite project.

The results of that vote will be displayed on the project’s official website, and the users who made the most videos will get credit for the most votes.

“The public is the one who gets to watch what the project does,” the project website reads.

The videos, which are not uploaded to YouTube directly, can be viewed through the ProjectZomboid website.

Project Zomoid will have a Facebook page that can be shared with the public.

If people like the video and it reaches 1 million views, they will get a $5 credit for every video viewed.

ProjectZomoid is a little different than the other tools Google has created for the project.

It will be a product that is designed specifically for the web, but it will also have a mobile version as well.

The Facebook page will have an icon that indicates the mobile version of ProjectZoomoid, and a Facebook status page will show up when the app is in the background.

A search bar will be used to show search results.

There will also be a search bar for the Google+ app, which will be integrated into Project Zoomoid.

The team is currently seeking investors to help make the project a reality.

The creators are aiming to raise $1.3 million by the end of the month.

A Facebook page has been created for Project Zoma.

The Project Zompoid project will be launched at the end for Android, which is currently the only mobile platform supported by Google.

Google has also been working on Project Zoom, a project that aims for the same goal.

Google’s Project Zoom aims to be a virtual camera for Android devices.

Google is also working on a camera for iOS devices.

The Google Glass project aims to provide a new way to see the world.

Google hopes Project ZOMoid will provide the platform for new types of VR and AR experiences, as well as allow users who don’t have an Android phone to interact with the Project Zoom experience in real time.

Google will be partnering with a variety of tech companies including Snapchat, Apple, Facebook, and Snapchat’s Oculus VR, and it is hoping that Project Zoom will help with those efforts.

Project Zomodroid is not Google’s first attempt at creating a VR and/or AR platform.

The company has previously created an app called Project Lens that is also an augmented reality app.

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