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By BBC News Editor-at-Large John Sudworth Rosie will be remembered by many as the iconic singer of The Rolling Stones.

But the singer also had a number of memorable songs and albums, some of which were also written about her, in her career.

So we’ve rounded up some of her best-loved tunes, along with some of the best-known projects from her career that have been adapted for film and television.

It’s a selection of tunes that have never been seen before. 

“A Little More”  “A Girl Like You” (1969) The Rolling Stones, from their album The Rolling Stone The Rosies. 

The song is about a young girl who wants to become a model, and who is also struggling with the death of her mother. 

“‘A Little Less’ was a song for me that was a personal one.

It was a bit like a theme song, a song that I felt I had to write. 

It had to be something that I could write in my head, and it had to fit within the time I was spending in New York, and the people I was with and the places that I was going. 

I felt that it was going to have to be one of those things that was really emotional and I had a lot of time on my hands and I didn’t want to take it away from the music. 

As a result, I wrote this song and it was actually about my mum dying in my womb. 

My mother had been living for seven years and was dying, and she was the only one in the family. 

So I was trying to express the feeling of losing a person that was in a really bad way and it felt very personal and I wanted to say something that was just a little bit emotional, which is why it was written as a song. 

Happiness” “Happy” By the Rolling Stones The Rolling, Rolling Stones

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