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A project management certification course from the University of California, San Diego has created a buzz around crowdfunding projects in a way that is unlikely to happen with traditional fundraising, writes Dan Stessel.

The course, called Project Management for Crowdfunding, is offered by the University’s Center for Project Management.

The Center is part of the University, which is funded through the Caltech Department of Information Technology.

“It’s really a really compelling, practical, hands-on, hands on course,” says the Center’s director of curriculum, Peter O’Brien.

“This is something that people could do for their own projects or just learn through the experience.”

The course focuses on projects and processes that are typically outside of traditional fundraising.

You’ll learn about projects with crowdfunding, project management, crowdfunding, and how to handle crowdfunding projects.

“We’re looking at the whole idea of crowdfunding as a tool, not just as a platform for raising money,” O’Connor says.

The project management certificate will help you “make informed decisions about whether to support or not support a project or a project that you’re working on.”

It will also help you determine if your company has the right tools and processes for your project, and what resources you need to get the job done.

The certificate will take you through a series of hands-ons, interactive exercises, including a project management simulation.

The Certificate will be offered for $10,000, so if you can afford it, you can apply for the certification in a couple of weeks.

O’Brien says that there’s a lot to learn from the course, and that students should have a solid foundation in project management.

“The more you learn about this process, the more you can imagine how a project could be completed in a much more efficient, cost-effective way,” he says.

He says that the certificate will be helpful for students who want to work in a more technical field like project management or IT.

“I think this is something for students, for young people, for anyone interested in a career in project and project management,” he adds.

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