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By Chris Hopkinson BBC NewsThe first nursery for a toddler could soon be coming to a nursery near you. 

A project nursery for children under one year old will be installed in a property in Bristol’s south-east on Saturday. 

The nursery will be run by the Children’s Trust.

It is part of a wider initiative by the charity, called Paediatric Care.

It is the first project nursery in the UK and was launched in January, with around 2,000 beds for children aged between one and six. 

It is funded by the Department for Health and the government’s Department for Education. 

Pagedirector of Children’s and Families, Dr Lisa Blackley, said the new nursery will allow the NHS to provide more care for vulnerable children.

“We need more nurseries to be built across the country to be able to deliver the services that we need to deliver these services.”

Children need care.

We need homes to be a safe place for them, and to be surrounded by people who can provide the services to support them.

The children’s trust is a part to it.””

We are a part of the wider campaign to improve the care that children get in care.

The children’s trust is a part to it.”

Dr White, from Bristol Children’s Hospitals NHS Trust, said it was a “great opportunity” to see if it was possible to create a nursery that would be suitable for children as young as one.

“The new nursery is an excellent example of the approach that we are taking in this area of care, so I think it’s fantastic,” he said.

“It’s about ensuring that there’s the right balance between the needs of the individual child and their own health, and also to give the children the opportunity to experience their own care at home.”

The project nursery is the result of a collaboration between Bristol Childrens Hospitals, Bristol Children and Families and Bristol Care, which aims to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for children and young people.

“Bristol Care has a strong track record of working with children and families, and we are excited to be working with them to deliver this nursery,” said Bristol Care’s Head of Development, Paul Ritchie.

“I think the new project nursery will bring a level of quality care to children that will be of benefit to them in the future.”

Bristols Childrens Hospital, the charity that runs Bristol Care and Bristol Children, is also funding the project. 

This is a BBC Bristol project.

You can watch the programme in the News Hub.

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