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Our new President Lincoln, who was assassinated by Martin Luther King Jr. on March 4, has become the most popular American politician of the 20th century, but it has not always been that way.

As his popularity has grown, so has the project that he started in 1964, a massive nationwide network of social scientists and historians and journalists who would go on to publish a wealth of articles, books and other documents about his life and work.

Its name is Lincoln Project, and its main mission is to bring together, through a series of online forums and other outlets, the people who are part of that network, to gather and analyse a wealth for people who want to know more about what happened on that day in the US and the history of the civil rights movement that preceded it.

The aim of the project is to provide a “big picture” of Lincoln’s life that is not just a chronology of events.

It is also an attempt to make public what he thought, thought and did, to bring the stories of his life into context.

The people who work on the project have a common aim: to bring attention to the work that goes into researching the lives and careers of our great American presidents and to tell the stories about them that we would not normally have access to.

We all know what the stories tell us about Lincoln: that he was an ambitious, passionate, charismatic leader who led a nation of hardworking and dedicated people in the face of great odds.

But he also had a history of violence and a history in which his family was a target of political violence, from his father, Robert, a prominent abolitionist, who brutally murdered a fellow abolitionist in the 1890s, to his mother, Sally, a leading figure in the Ku Klux Klan.

His father was also a prominent figure in an attempt in the early 1930s to have the Civil War over with.

But in the years that followed, Lincoln became a public figure, with more than two million people paying $1 to see him in person in Washington, DC, on the opening day of the inauguration of President Franklin D Roosevelt.

He also became a political figure in his own right, with the US government recognising him as the nation’s first African-American president in 1935.

That was just a few years after he became the first black president in American history.

In the late 1940s, while working on a book about his father’s assassination, he began to write a book that he would later call The Lincoln Files.

Its goal was to tell people about what his family had been through.

And that’s exactly what happened.

When the book was published in the 1960s, it was hailed as the first comprehensive account of a great American leader’s life.

It also set a standard for what is known about American presidents.

And it was a watershed moment.

At that point, many people in America were still struggling with the implications of what had happened that day, especially after the assassination of President John F Kennedy, in 1963.

What we were seeing in America in the 60s was the beginning of the end of the Jim Crow South, which was in fact a movement that was created by the civil-rights movement, and that ended up transforming American society.

In fact, as much as we might still deny that the civil war was about slavery, the civil wars in the South were actually about Jim Crow and the oppression of black people.

That’s a historical fact, and it is important to understand it.

But that is a story that historians do not want to tell.

That is the story that was never told.

But the fact that there was a movement to change America’s politics and society, which began at that moment, and ended with the Civil Rights movement and the creation of the Civil Service Commission and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, meant that it was in many ways the beginning and the end.

What the Lincoln Files did was to change the public narrative of the American civil rights era, and to set a tone for historians and the public at large.

But what’s interesting about the project today is that the stories that the project tells us about the Lincoln presidency, and what happened in his life, have never been told before.

We now know that he had many, many wives and was very interested in children.

That he was a devoted husband and father.

And the fact is, that in his lifetime, Lincoln was not only a highly successful and ambitious leader, but he also suffered from serious mental illness.

In his final years, he was at the height of his power, but his illness also made it impossible for him to fully commit to his political ideas and the work he was doing in his final days.

What you see in the project and what you see on the web are not the same things that were in the book.

They are not entirely accurate and not completely factual.

But they are an

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