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Lincoln Project (@lincolntheproject) September 27, 2019 Lincoln Project is a small nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a digital platform that is used by all people of color, regardless of their socioeconomic status, in order to increase the visibility of their voices and to engage with a diverse audience.

Their mission is to use technology to build an inclusive and inclusive society.

Their work is focused on bringing people together around a shared vision for the future of the United States, which they believe is one of the greatest opportunities for the country and the world to continue on a path of progress.

The Lincoln Project was founded by former Obama administration White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz and former White House Senior Advisor to the President and former President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Mark Penn.

They began by creating a platform that was created specifically for African Americans in 2016.

Their platform was then used by a small group of white journalists to reach out to Black communities, and eventually became a platform for the media to reach people of all backgrounds and genders. 

Lincoln Projects tweets, project camelot tweets project camelots platform was a digital newsroom that began with a simple goal: to bring together the voices of all people, and to give them a voice.

It was a platform to share stories, stories that were unique to each of us, and create communities of stories, all of which would empower us all to grow and advance as individuals, communities that would serve as a platform from which we would seek to learn more about our world, and where we would share the knowledge we have acquired and the wisdom we have gained.

The project Camelot platform is a platform built on the same principles, but focused on the lives of people of diverse backgrounds and socio-economic status.

It is a new platform that can bring the voices and experiences of all of us together, as we are all connected and our voices are all part of a shared future. 

In order to connect to this group, you can follow Lincoln Projects on Twitter, the Lincoln Project on Facebook, or Camelot on Instagram.

Lincoln Projects is also a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and can be found at llincolnproject.org/about.

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