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Microsoft’s ultra project management tool, dubbed Ultra, is coming soon to its Windows 8.1 release.

The project management software is now available for download and will be released in the fall, Microsoft said in a blog post today.

The software is a collaboration tool and has been developed in collaboration with the Visual Studio community and Microsoft’s Project Team, a group of software developers that develops new software.

Microsoft is also announcing that the software will be available to developers on the open source Visual Studio toolset.

Ultra is designed to help project managers and team members collaborate on projects and manage teams with ease.

“Ultra is the most comprehensive, open source project management suite ever created, built on top of a core Windows 8 team platform and powered by a modern team-based design and toolskit,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft has also said that it will be working with developers to provide “additional functionality” to the project management tools in the near future.

Ultra allows for a team of project managers to collaborate on tasks with one another, and can be customized to help with collaboration tasks, scheduling, tasks completion, and much more.

Ultra has been available since late 2016, but it was not released as a preview until this past April.

The product was built on a similar architecture to Microsoft’s project management platform for the Windows Server operating system, Project M. Project M was originally developed as a collaboration suite for the company’s Project Center and has since been used by thousands of projects.

Ultra comes with a number of features, including collaboration capabilities for tasks, project and team management, and a built-in project management applet.

Ultra also includes support for Microsoft Project, a tool that provides a simple and powerful toolkit for the creation and management of software projects.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 release will include the Ultra project management solution.

Ultra will be supported in the coming weeks and months.