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A new series of “science fair projects” is the hottest topic on Twitter this week.

The hashtag #ScienceFests aims to highlight the most innovative, creative and disruptive ideas from around the world.

The #ScienceFairProjects hashtag began trending in February, when a group of scientists and engineers took part in the second annual World Scientists Day conference in Paris.

The initiative is sponsored by the French government, which aims to provide access to science to millions of citizens through a network of science fair events across France and around the globe.

In a series of tweets, scientists from the U.S. and Canada and the U,K.

participated in a series that showcased some of their science projects.

The first two years have seen a flurry of projects from U.K.-based artist David Sondheim and the French Academy of Sciences, both of which have created their own science fair versions of the famous fair.

One of the first projects to go live was the installation of the “Lunar Eclipse” at the French National Astronomy Centre in Paris, which features an animated version of the lunar eclipse.

Another project featured a “space bridge” that will take people to the International Space Station, a collaboration between the International Astronautical Federation and the Chinese Academy of Space Sciences.

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