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The City of Austin has just unveiled its “GlowForge” projects.

The new project is focused on the new Downtown Austin Boulevard and its intersection with I-35W.

It’s a new partnership between the City and the Austin Downtown Boulders Association to build new bridges and roads to help improve safety and connectivity for the Austin area.

“The idea behind this project is to get more people out to the area to play, work, and play with other people,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said.

“This project will also provide the opportunity to create a better connection for people to play and work on their own.”

The project’s design includes two pedestrian bridges that span over existing bridges in downtown Austin.

One will connect to the Downtown Austin Beltway and the other to the I-85 Overpass.

Both will be built in phases.

The first phase will be completed by July 2020.

The other phase will begin construction by the end of 2021.

The bridges will be able to connect to existing bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, and bike-only lanes.

These new bridges will also help to create safer, more accessible streets in downtown and the surrounding area.

The City said the project will include:Bike paths that will connect the existing pedestrian bridges to existing street structures.

A new bridge on the Downtown Loop will be designed and constructed with additional capacity.

The bridge will be connected to existing bicycle paths, pedestrian walks, and bicycle-only streets.

This new bridge will also be built with additional space for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the existing bridge.

An additional bridge that will be constructed in the existing Downtown Loop and connected to the existing overpass.

The existing bridge will remain in place, while the new bridge is constructed.

The current overpass will remain closed.

A network of pedestrian, bicycle, and pedestrian-only bike lanes along the existing city-owned property and the existing highway.

The project is funded through $15 million in grant money.

The City said it will build the bridge in phases, starting with a “first-pass” project in the Downtown and surrounding area, which is the initial stage.

The remaining bridges will connect and create a safer, better connection between downtown and Austin, which will ultimately be the end goal of the project.

“This is a huge project and a huge responsibility for the City of Houston,” said Austin Mayor Greg Caskey.

“The City is committed to improving the quality of life for all citizens in Austin, and this project will provide an exciting opportunity to get people out and enjoy the downtown area.”

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