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The U.N. nuclear watchdog said Thursday that it would consider taking action against a United States project to build a nuclear power station in Alaska after Trump administration officials proposed a $2 billion expansion of the country’s nuclear power sector.

The United States has proposed the project, called the Western Alaska Project, which would add 600 megawatts of new generation to the nation’s nuclear fleet.

The project is aimed at creating jobs and bolstering the nation in a region that is already struggling with unemployment, poverty and a falling birth rate.

But it is also an example of the president’s ambitious plan to ramp up U.C. Berkeley’s campus and bolster its economic growth.

The U.K.-based nuclear watchdog group, the International Atomic Energy Agency, said in a statement that it “will consider taking the necessary steps” against the project in the future, but it was not immediately clear when the group might make a decision.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is expected to approve the project later this year.

The Western Alaska project was proposed in 2011, and the U.NSDAC, a government watchdog group that oversees U.F.O. nuclear projects, is also working on the project.

The nuclear watchdog organization has said the project would create an energy crisis that would threaten the environment and threaten U.A.E.’s independence from Russia.

A Trump administration spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

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