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Darnell, Texas is known for its thriving tech community and for its reputation for high-quality medical marijuana.

But the project that hopes to make Darnells medical marijuana a reality is looking at cutting the ribbon on its new cannabis production facility.

The Darnall Medical Cannabis Center (DMCC) is in the midst of a $50 million expansion to create a new production facility that will be able to produce 20,000 to 30,000 grams of the drug per day.

It will also be the only licensed facility in the state to produce marijuana for recreational use.

The facility will create jobs and increase the county’s economy by allowing people in the surrounding area to purchase pot, said Joe Darnalls son, Darren.

It’s also going to create thousands of additional jobs.

Darren Darnals son has been helping the family start a medical marijuana company in the Dallas area.

He said his father started out as a laborer and became a physician, but has never felt the full benefit of the product.

Darran said his family has already begun to feel the benefits of medical marijuana, including the ability to relax and sleep.

He has been doing some of the research into how the plant works and what it’s used for, which is a huge advantage to Darren’s son.

He says the facility will have a medical testing lab that can detect high levels of THC and CBD, the active ingredients in marijuana.

But the Darnales say the biggest benefits of the project will be that it will bring jobs to the area.

Darren said the Dankens will be helping create jobs, not just by producing medical marijuana but also by helping create new jobs for local people.

He said his company is already starting to see job growth.

Darren says that because of the expansion, they are already seeing a lot of people that were previously unemployed come in to work.

Darren added that this could lead to a boom in the county in the future, as people are willing to work in the local medical marijuana industry.

The project is not the only one that is looking to create jobs in the Denton area.

Another medical marijuana project is also going forward in the area that could have a similar impact.

The Green Rush Cannabis Center in Dallas is already producing a batch of medical cannabis that is designed to be used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy and migraines.

But Darren says the Darden family is already planning to do their part.

He is planning to start a small production farm that will allow them to produce medical marijuana at home, as well as start selling it for profit.

Darwin said he wants to make sure that this is not just an industry in Texas that is only for wealthy individuals, but that it’s also an industry that will help the rest of us.

The Darden Family is also working on a medical cannabis dispensary that will also provide the community with a source of income.

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