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A proposed Lincoln Memorial in downtown Seattle will be a permanent landmark in the U.S. and will feature two-thirds of the memorial’s original granite walls.

The memorial will also be built with the most modern materials possible and incorporate many of the design elements of the world-famous memorial in Washington, D.C., which is due to be dedicated in 2024.

The project is backed by the Washington State Department of Transportation and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.

The memorial is expected to open in 2021, a time when the nation’s capital is expected under construction.

“The design is very much a tribute to our nation’s heritage and the people of Washington, DC, but also reflects the region and the world we are living in today,” Murray said in a statement.

“The project will reflect the history and tradition of the City of Seattle and will be an incredible symbol for all who live in Seattle and the region.

We’re very excited about the project, and look forward to working with the City to make this the world’s first permanent memorial that reflects the city, the state, and the nation.”

The proposed memorial is the work of sculptor Chris Pugh, who previously designed the original monument in Washington state and is a member of Seattle City Council.

Pugh also designed the current monument in Minneapolis.

Pugh said he and his team were inspired by the work done by Japanese artist Akira Kurosawa and other Japanese artists, which is how the two designs came together.

The original design of the Lincoln Monument in Washington was commissioned in 1924 by President Theodore Roosevelt and is seen in the photo above.

The Washington State Historical Society says the memorial will feature a full granite slab and a wooden panel with a dome at the top of the slab, with the dome representing the dome of the Capitol dome.

Penguin Random House Architects, who worked with the sculptor, said in their submission that the new design will reflect a “historical, historic and cultural context” for the Washington Monument.

The statue will be taller and will contain more than 400 feet of vertical height.

Proud to announce our new design for the new Washington Monument, based on Akira Kuroshawa’s original design, the monument of Lincoln’s presidency.

This is a landmark in our state, a monument to the people who served our country and the country as a whole.

The work is based on the work that Pugh and his colleagues are doing in Japan, and we have been inspired by that.

— Chris Paugh, President of Penguin Random House and member of the Washington City CouncilPugh added that he was inspired by his friend and colleague, Japanese artist Kiyoshi Matsumoto.

Pughes team has been working on the project for the past four years, according to the project website.

He said the project will include the design team’s experience working on a number of iconic landmarks in the United States, including the Washington Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol Rotunda.

The monument is expected open in 2019, when the Capitol will be completed and the first state ceremony to recognize the nation and its founding fathers will be held.

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