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New Scientist has launched its first Christmas project, a project called the Christmas Charter, to celebrate the new year and bring people together for a shared holiday.

The project’s creators are hoping to harness the power of technology to make Christmas more engaging and enjoyable for everyone.

“We want to get people into the spirit of Christmas,” said project leader, Mark Blyth.

“The main thing about the Christmas project is that it’s not about celebrating the new Year, it’s about celebrating who we are.”

The project aims to make everyone feel like they are part of the community and share their stories, hopes and fears.

“It’s the spirit in which people share the joy of Christmas, so people can be together and get connected,” Mr Blyh said.

“In the end, we hope that the Christmas spirit will give us a better chance of getting through the year together.”

The charter is a project of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the National Museum of the British Empire (NMBE).

The project uses the National Public Library of Victoria (NPLV) Digital Collections to create an online map of Victorian Christmas celebrations and a collection of resources and activities.

“I’m sure that the project is going to help people to have more Christmas in their lives,” Mr Jellison said.

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