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The murder of Mary’s mother, who was a victim of incest, has not triggered a miscarriage of pregnancy in the past.

In fact, a study by the National Centre for the Study of Infant Deaths found that the murder was the cause of the child’s death, not the miscarriage.

The research, conducted by Professor Frances Fitzgerald, an obstetrician at University College Cork, has been cited in a new Irish study which has shown that when the murder is blamed, miscarriages occur, and there is no significant difference between those who think the murder occurred and those who do not.

“The case of the murder, in and of itself, is not a miscarriage, it is a homicide,” Dr Fitzgerald told the Irish Times.

“So, why do we believe that the miscarriage has been triggered by the murder?”

She said that a miscarriage occurs when there is an abnormality in a woman that causes her to experience symptoms and feelings such as anxiety and depression, which are not related to pregnancy.

“It is when there are anomalies, the abnormal is there in the pregnancy and there are symptoms and it is in the case of a miscarriage that we can identify those anomalies and get rid of the anomaly,” she said.

“So, in the cases where there is a miscarriage in pregnancy, that is the reason why the miscarriage is not triggered.”

The study was carried out at the National Forensic Science Centre in the city of Limerick.

The first study published in the journal Forensic Science International looked at cases in which the murder had been blamed for a miscarriage.

“There are many cases where the cause was that the mother miscarried and her pregnancy was terminated,” Dr Fitz said.

The National Centre, which is part of the National Institutes of Health, is one of the UK’s leading forensic science institutions.

“We work closely with the authorities and we try to work with them to identify any anomalies that may be there and if they have the necessary support to deal with them,” she added.

“For us it is important to find those anomalies because we know the miscarriage will occur.”

Dr Fitzgerald said she had been working with other researchers who had analysed miscarriages in pregnancy to see if the murders of a mother’s daughter and her brother were related.

“I have seen that it is not the mother’s death that causes a miscarriage,” she explained.

“You have to have a miscarriage if you have a premature baby.”

If the pregnancy was caused by a miscarriage and the mother was still alive and had a pregnancy to end with, there is nothing unusual about that.

“However, there are also other reasons why a miscarriage might not be triggered.”

A lot of the cases that are referred to me are due to a physical abnormality of the woman, and those are the reasons why the case is not being referred for a clinical assessment,” Dr Fitzpatrick said.

She said it was important that women who have had a miscarriage are offered counselling and support.”

They are not alone and I would encourage them to seek help.

There is nothing worse than going through the trauma of a pregnancy,” she concluded.