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Lincoln Project, a startup that hopes to bring electric vehicles to the masses, has launched a Twitter feed dedicated to its “Lincoln Project” lifestyle.

The page, which boasts over 3 million followers, includes a picture of Lincoln Project founder David Sorensen and the slogan “LIVE ON LINC,” the name for a lifestyle that Lincoln Project envisions for electric vehicles.

The Lincoln Project is a venture of Lincoln Motor Company that hopes that electric vehicles will become an essential part of our lives.

We believe this is a new chapter in the evolution of electric vehicles and we are excited to be a part of it.

The company is also creating a social media platform that can be used by those interested in joining the Lincoln Project community.

The website also includes a “live on Lincoln” tab, which will show a picture or two of Lincoln project founder David “Linc” Sorelsens life.

It also includes the “Live on Lincoln Tour” where members of the community can take a look at the current status of the project and the ongoing development of the electric vehicle.

Linc, who has worked on the Lincoln project for years, also provides a daily update on the project.

The blog has been edited to include all the latest news, as well as updates from Lincoln Project and other Lincoln-related businesses.

The company’s social media page is also updated frequently, with information on its newest projects.

The new page features a series of pictures of Linc and his “Lancero” Lincoln project, which was founded in 2012 and has been making electric vehicles since 2015.

The “Llama” project, with its unique look, features a unique design that has attracted many of the world’s coolest designers, who have been building custom electric vehicles for years.

The blog also includes an introduction to the “Llnama” and an introduction that highlights some of the most important aspects of the Linc project:The Lincoln project is not alone in its pursuit of an electric vehicle lifestyle.

Other companies like Tesla and Zipcar have also set up social media pages dedicated to their projects.

The social media platforms for those projects have been growing as more people become interested in the lifestyle of owning an electric car.

The “L” in Lincoln stands for Lincoln Motor, which has become a company synonymous with cars and has seen its stock price climb dramatically in recent years.

But the company has also seen its share price drop more than 50% since 2015 as it lost money on its investments in the Lincoln brand.

In 2016, Tesla announced that it would shutter its car brand, and its CEO, Elon Musk, also announced that he would be stepping down from his role as CEO.

Tesla has since made a number of acquisitions, including an investment in the “lion car” brand that will be used to promote electric vehicles, the Bolt electric vehicle, and the Lincoln electric vehicle that is being developed as a potential competitor to the Model 3 sedan.

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