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The project that aims to educate Australians about the role of the UN in global climate change has become one of the most important public policy initiatives of the Trump administration.

The Unsented Project, a project by the Australian Government, has been a lightning rod for criticism from conservatives, environmental activists and climate scientists.

The organisation’s chief executive, James Cook, has described the project as “the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the Australian taxpayer”.

His remarks came as the project was officially launched at the UN on Tuesday, with the first session focusing on the impact of global warming on Australia’s water supplies.

The UN climate summit is being held in Paris, where Mr Cook is scheduled to deliver a speech.

Mr Cook has made headlines for several other reasons, including a $10 million donation to the organisation, which has been accused of “deception” by the Climate Change Authority.

The project was launched under the auspices of the Australian Institute of Science, but it is now known as the UN Climate Change Programmes Programmes, after the UN’s headquarters in New York.

The group, which began in 2012, aims to teach “the fundamentals of climate science, policy and research to Australians, as well as international partners”.

The UN is not responsible for the UN climate science programmes, which are produced by the US government and are funded by Australia’s national income.

The Government says the UN has never provided any funding to the programmes and is working with experts across the globe to assess the impacts of climate change on Australia.

The programme, known as Climate Change Action Australia, has already attracted criticism from the Coalition’s climate change spokeswoman Kate Ellis, who said the group was “nothing more than a propaganda operation”.

“It is a scam to get the public to believe the climate is changing and then fund a propaganda campaign to convince the public that it’s not,” Ms Ellis said.

“They’ve made it sound like we’re helping them fund these programmes, and we’re supporting them with tax dollars, but that’s not true.”

The UN has previously criticised the organisation for “flagging” “scientific studies” as well.

The Australian Government has criticised the UN for funding the UN programmes as a “political attack”.

“They are targeting the UN programs as they see fit and they’ve even gone as far as using the UN as a front to try and make it seem like the UN is an arm of the US administration,” Environment Minister Greg Hunt told Sky News.

“It’s just plain wrong.”

Climate change expert David Healy said the UN was “a political organisation with no scientific integrity”.

“There are some people within the UN who are doing things that are not science,” he said.

But Mr Healy argued that the organisation’s focus on the UNs climate change programmes did not mean the organisation was “just a political organisation”.

“I think there is a great deal of respect within the United Nations for the fact that they’re a global organisation and that they’ve got a mandate to do the right thing,” he told the ABC.

“The UN is a political entity. “

It’s not a scientific organisation. “

The UN is a political entity.

It’s not a scientific organisation.

It just has a mandate from the US to do things like this.”

Mr Heys said the project had attracted criticism because the UN had not disclosed the name of the organisation it was funding.

“What’s happened is the UN organisation has made the organisation known and made it available,” he added.

The Trump administration has faced scrutiny from some of its allies in Australia over its decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, which is the landmark climate agreement that was signed in 2015.

The President-elect has also called climate change a hoax.

“We are not going to renegotiate the Paris agreement, we are not renegotiating it at all,” Mr Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania.

The US withdrawal from the deal came after months of negotiations.

In his address to the UN, Mr Trump claimed that “nobody has ever said the earth is going to be in the climate disaster that we are now seeing”.

“This administration is going out of their way to make it sound as if climate change is a hoax,” he claimed.

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