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Next BigFuture.com – New design and concept art to be used in the Linc Tesla Roadster project article The Linc Roadster is a Tesla Roadsters concept that will debut in 2019 and has already attracted interest from a number of designers and brands, including Art Projects, a new design and conceptual art studio based in Vancouver.

Art Projects recently launched the “Roadster Concept” concept art book, which will feature more than 100 of the project’s more than 150 designs.

The book is available at ArtProjects.com and will be distributed through the Lincereum, Linc and Tesla community.

“Art Projects will be using this book as a resource to share their designs and designs ideas to help us continue to evolve the Roadster Concept and its designs, with a new look and feel,” Art Projects CEO Tom Givens said in a release.

“Art Projects has been creating beautiful art for the last two years, and this is a great way for them to continue to grow their artistic portfolio.”

Art Projects is a creative collective that is known for producing some of the most unique and compelling works of art around.

They have created an incredible portfolio of works by artists from around the world, including Damien Hirst, Damien Hui, Michael Bierut, John Cage, Makhael Deghayes, Richard Dijks, and more.