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The kangaroo has been released from a pen in Kempton after being rescued from a Brisbane property in March.

It was originally a one-year-old, but the kangaroos temperament has changed, the Kemptons owner says.

“He is more territorial, and he does a lot of scratching,” she said.

She said she was surprised when the kapu returned home last week after being released from the pen.

He had a scratch in his head.

Kapu is one of four kangaros on Kemptonic Park’s front porch.

Mr O’Brien said it was a good sign for his kapus that he had returned home, but he wasn’t surprised when he got a call from the animal’s owner.

“It is a very positive thing that they are back,” he said.

“The kapuses are a lot more confident now than they were last year when they were first released from here.

The kaps are happy and well cared for, they are in good health, they get along well with people, they live a normal life.

They will have a couple of months to get used to a new environment.”

The kangaraho is one in a family of three that live at the Kesson Park site.

A kangaree and two kapusts were taken to Kemptonia Park on May 3 after being found on a property at Kemptonian Road and Kemptoni Road.

They had been trapped inside a shed for four days.

An hour later, two more kaputs were brought in and released back to the property.

Both were released to their owner, who was unaware of their presence.

The kappingos are in the process of being rehomed, with the aim of having them released back into their original family in August.