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In the 1970s, a young Japanese woman had a very difficult time getting answers from the Japanese authorities about her husband’s murder.

Her story has become a global obsession.

The Japanese government was not willing to listen.

The story of Haru and Ryū is a perfect example of the dilemma facing Japanese women today.

It is a tale of one woman’s quest to find the truth, and her struggle to make it public.

I remember one day I was walking home in Osaka and I was looking around the city and saw that a young girl was talking to a man in a car.

She was walking very slowly and slowly she started saying, “You know, I feel so sad, I really want to know the truth.

Please tell me.”

So I looked at her and I said, “I’ll tell you the truth.”

And she started to cry.

And I said: “Do you want to tell me the truth?”

And she said: ‘I don’t want to.

I’m scared.

I want to go back to my husband.

But, you know, if I tell you, the police will arrest me and send me to prison.

So I don’t know what to do.’

And I just said, ‘You should tell the truth.’

And she did.

So she told the truth and I knew that the truth was important to her.

It was a very tough time for Japanese women in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and in some cases, it was even worse.

During that time, the Japanese government had the option of executing women convicted of treason, but that option was severely limited.

A woman would be executed by hanging.

She would be buried in a special place, surrounded by flowers.

As soon as the Japanese people learned that a Japanese man was the subject of a murder case, they wanted to get the truth out.

When I was young, I remember, in the 1970ing, I would go out to the streets and I would talk to people and say, ‘This is the Japanese secret police, and they will not tell me anything.

They want to kill me.

But I’m going to tell them.’

And they would laugh.

And they said: You’re right.

You’re a liar.

Then, when the police found out about the murder, they were very angry.

I don�t know what happened to the other woman.

But when I went back to Tokyo, I went into the police station.

I told them the truth as I knew it, and I got a warning that they could take me to the hospital, to prison, or to jail.

And so, I came back and I came home and I stayed there for a long time.

But they didn’t care.

And then, I was really angry.

And, I decided to write to the Tokyo police.

They didn’t do anything.

So, I wrote to the Prime Minister and the Police Chief and asked them to send me a letter that would say: I’m really sorry.

I was wrong.

The police said they couldn�t do anything, so I started writing a letter to the president of the Tokyo Police Commission.

And that was that.

In the letter, I told the police that I was in trouble, I had to get to the bottom of the case.

And as I went to the police chief and told him, I said that I had been involved in a murder.

And the police said, you have to go.

They said: The crime has been solved.

But the truth will never be out.

So after six years, I started talking to journalists, to academics, to foreign journalists.

I said this is the real story.

And there was a long wait for the truth to come out.

And for two years, the truth stayed out.

In 1988, I finally got the letter that the Japanese Prime Minister sent me.

And he told me: That�s it, that�s the truth!

It�s done.

And finally, the world finally got to know that this story was true.

At the time, I didn�t really believe that there was any truth at all.

But after I heard about the truth coming out, I thought: Wow, I�ve really made a difference.

And now, I know what really happened to my brother.

What I did then was, I knew the truth already, and the police didn�ve arrested him.

So what happened?

They just said: There is nothing more to say.

So now I’m still looking for the man who killed my brother, and that�ll take some time.

My brother, Yuji, was a young man.

He was a member of the Japanese Communist Party.

He had a son named Masaharu.

And when he was 16, he was sent to a Japanese prison.

Masahiru was born in Japan, and when he arrived in

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