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Scrap wood, or “scraping” as it’s sometimes called, is an art form that involves using salvaged material from the past to create new projects.

With a little luck, a project will have a life of its own.

This year, some of those projects include a restaurant that’s been a fixture at The Westin in New York City since the 1960s, as well as a pair of new restaurants in California.

But the craft of scrap wood-making, while thriving, is still pretty new.

“I think what makes it interesting is the fact that it’s done entirely on the Internet,” says Ben Ragan, the president of ScrapWood Project, a San Francisco-based group that’s launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce scrap wood.

“You can literally just search it on Amazon for scrap wood.”

Ragan says the group is looking for small businesses and small projects to scrap wood for its scrap project website.

“We don’t think of scrap-making as a career, we think of it as a hobby,” he says.

“It’s just a great way to give back.”

And if you can’t find a scrap yard in your town, there are many online sites that can offer scrap wood that could work as an entry point.

There are also sites where you can purchase scrap wood from businesses and nonprofits.

Here are some of the best places to scrap your own scrap wood: Scrap Wood Project Scrapwood Projects The Scrap Woods Project (www.scrapwoods.com) is a nonprofit website that has been operating since 2007.

It provides listings of scrapwood for sale on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

The group has a website that includes a directory of scrapyard owners, and you can search through the listings to find the perfect place to scrape.

The site’s owner, a man named Chris Hahn, is also a freelance woodworker who has a background in woodworking and has worked with Scrap-O-Matic, a company that uses reclaimed wood to build home decor.

Hahn has also worked with The Westins Furniture Group, which is owned by Michael Bloomberg, to build the Westin.

The website also has a directory listing the scrapyard’s current location and the approximate amount of scrap needed to finish the project.

ScrapWaves ScrapWorks, which started in 2007, has become one of the most popular online scrap yard sites, says Scrap Works co-founder and chief executive officer Mike Johnson.

Since its founding, the site has added more than 100 projects, which have raised about $1.3 million.

Scraps that go to the website’s scrapyard buyers include furniture, furniture accessories, office furniture, office desks, office chairs, office tables, office shelves, kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, kitchen stoves, kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, cabinets and other kitchen items.

There is also scrap for other businesses like the company that sells paint to people in nursing homes, as part of a project to restore a nursing home in Wisconsin.

ScripWorks has been running a campaign to sell scrap wood since the beginning of last year, Johnson says.

That effort started with the Scrapwoods Project, which launched in 2007.

He says the Scrapps Project, another nonprofit that provides scrapwood to businesses, was started by Johnson in 2016, but the Scrips Project was the first one that went online.

ScratchWood Projects’ website currently has about 5,600 listings of different scrapyards and scrap projects, and Scrapworks currently has more than 20,000 listings.

The Scrappers Project, founded by ScrapCoop founder Mark Smith, is one of those newer scrapyard sites.

The company was launched in 2013, but Johnson says the site is the largest scrap yard, with about 100 businesses listed, and it has a monthly listing of about 250 scrapyards.

Scratters is a new scrap yard that launched in February.

Its website has more listings than the ScripWood Project.

Johnson says it’s been running for about two years, but that it was created by a scrap-scrapper who wanted to give people a better sense of what to expect from scrapyard projects.

Scrippers has more of an online presence, too.

The online store, which Johnson says has about 200 listings, is the site of many of the Screeps Project’s projects.

The sites features are the same, but with Screops branding.

“ScrapWishes is a wonderful place to be,” says Scott Breslin, a former Scrapwishes co-owner who is now Scrap Wishes cofounder.

“But the real thing that really excites us is the people that have come in and volunteered to work with us.”

The Screevers Project is another scrap yard.

It launched in October 2018 and is located in downtown Los Angeles.

“When we started Screeves, it

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