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TACO PROJECT is a collaborative learning project for students and adults, inspired by a popular Mexican restaurant restaurant, where the students learn how to create wooden food items using a variety of techniques and materials.

The project features the construction of food and beverages in the form of bowls, bowls, plates, trays, and even trays.

The student’s are encouraged to take a variety and make each item individually unique.

This project is offered by the Woodworking and Design Studio.

TACOS PREDICTIVE TACOMA, Mexico—The students at TACOs Predictive Taco Project learn about how to construct a simple taco shell and the techniques required to make it.

The food items are constructed using a large variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, rubber, and rubber cement.

The students have to choose materials to make the food items and then build them in accordance with their specific needs and requirements.

These students are also encouraged to create new creations and create their own versions of the tacos and create a gallery of their creations.

The TACOCON project aims to provide high-quality food education for students in Mexico and beyond through the construction and education of traditional Mexican foods in the US.

The program’s students are supported by a variety the local community.

The Food and Education Center of Tijuana (FECT) is a community-based food and education center providing a range of services and programs.

The center provides food preparation, cooking, and catering services to the community.

FECT was founded in 1998 and was recognized by the United Nations as a Global Community Food Partner in 2014.

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