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The concept is one that’s been on the cards for quite some time, and the idea is to create a loan for a single person, but in the process, not having to go through the loan institution, or the lender.

The idea is that, instead of having to take a loan and go through a bank or other financial institution, the borrower simply chooses a lender.

That’s essentially what the mortgage lender is doing, because they want to give their customers the option of having a loan without having to put themselves through a lender or bank.

However, the way this system works is that the borrower, instead, has a lender that’s not involved in the mortgage loan itself.

The borrower then takes out the loan and the lender will take care of all of the loan servicing and financing for the loan.

It’s a bit like having a home equity line of credit.

And what if, instead to pay off the mortgage, the home equity lender was to put the loan into a fund and pay the loan off?

And the borrower would then have a way of using that money for things like paying off a car loan or buying a house, etc. That was the idea behind the Home Equity Loan Fund.

The lender, in this case, is a bank.

Now, why would the lender have a bank in the first place?

It would have to have some sort of financial relationship with the borrower.

But the bank can be a private company.

That would give it the ability to take on risks that the private company would never have the ability.

So, in other words, the bank becomes a lender, which is exactly the way that a lot of private lenders work.

Now the lender has a lot more control than it would have had if the borrower had a loan.

They get to set the terms and conditions of the loans, they can take out more risk.

They have the same access to the borrower’s money as if they were in a bank account.

They don’t have to worry about whether the borrower will pay back the loan or not.

The loan will pay off at the end of the day.

So why would anyone want to go into this situation?

Because, in the short term, the money is going to a bank that is not directly involved in a loan, but they can still put their own capital in there and make a profit.

So the money, then, is going into a pool that is then put into a savings account that is used to pay for other things.

In this case it would be used to invest in real estate.

And the real estate investment fund, or REIT, is basically the same kind of entity that is doing all of this real estate stuff.

It is basically a company that is essentially a money company.

And this money company owns the property.

They own it, they own the company, they control the management of the property and the profits.

And these profits are then invested in real properties.

So this is where the real money comes from.

Now there’s a whole bunch of other things that go into the real property as well, so in the end, you have real estate investments and real estate management companies.

The REIT is essentially the company that owns the land, and then you have the real companies that run the real businesses that do the real things that are happening in real property.

So you have some money coming from the property owner, and you have other real money coming in from all these different sources.

The real money in the real properties are just being invested in the REITs real properties, and that money is then going into the savings accounts of the REIs.

The savings account is basically like a retirement account.

And if you have money in there, it’s your retirement.

So when you retire, that money, if you’re a homeowner, is supposed to be deposited in your retirement account or your 401k, etc., and that’s the retirement money.

The money is not supposed to go directly into the retirement account, it has to go somewhere.

So if you’ve got a savings balance, then the money will go into a bank to deposit into that account.

If the savings balance is negative, then it will go directly back into the 401k or the 401ks account.

But if it’s positive, it will come in from a savings institution.

And that’s where the money comes in.

So these savings institutions are also the real managers of the real business.

They’re not just bank managers.

The management of those businesses are also in their real property, and they’re also the people that own those properties.

The companies that actually manage those real properties actually own those real property properties.

They’ve got real estate units and real businesses and real homes.

So they own these real properties and they own those businesses.

Now you have a company with real properties that’s managed those properties, that’s managing those real businesses, that actually own the real real properties…

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