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Montanans are in a unique position in the West.

The coal industry has a foothold in the state, but there are many other ways to extract and burn coal in Montana than through coal mines.

These include oil, gas, and uranium mining, which has been the dominant source of economic activity in the nation for decades.

But even before the ban, Montana’s coal industry had struggled.

Its coal mines were often plagued with environmental issues, and its water quality was considered poor.

The state’s coal mines, like most mines in the United States, were largely owned by the coal industry.

And they were run by companies that had been at the helm of the industry for decades and were largely responsible for the industry’s environmental problems.

The industry’s future was in doubt after the 2010 coal mine disaster in West Virginia, when millions of gallons of toxic slurry leaked from a leaky coal mine in the Powder River Basin.

That incident set off a political firestorm in Montana that eventually led to the passage of a bill that would ban coal-fired electricity in the Great Basin state.

The legislation, called the Coal-Free Montana Act, would have banned the burning of coal, and a handful of other plants would have been required to reduce their coal use to 10 percent by 2025.

Montana’s bill passed the Senate by a vote of 35-20, with only one Republican vote against it.

In the House, the bill passed by a margin of 23-16, with the support of nearly every Democrat in the chamber.

But the bill failed to garner enough support in the Senate to pass.

The Republican majority in the House did not approve the legislation, and it languished in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Now, the Montana House has passed a bill to allow the state’s current coal mines to resume coal mining.

Montana is the only West state that has a ban on coal mining on federal land.

It’s a major victory for the coal-dependent state, which was the first in the country to pass a coal mining ban.

The ban was signed into law in 2014, and the state has since become one of the most popular places in the US to visit, with a tourism industry that has grown exponentially over the last two decades.

A ban on the coal mining industry in Montana would not only prevent the state from becoming a coal country, but it would also allow the coal business to thrive.

“There’s no other state in the entire country where you have this kind of a robust economic activity and you have a thriving industry that supports this state,” says Mark Rocha, executive director of the Montana Coal Council.

“We just have this incredible amount of land here, we have a vibrant economy, and that’s what we’ve got to be concerned about.”

A bill to ban the coal mines in Montana has been in the works for a decade.

The bill’s proponents, led by Republican Rep. Todd Rutherford, believe that banning coal mining would reduce the state to an “energy-producing state.”

The proposed ban is being pushed by the Montana Economic Development Corporation, a local government agency that coordinates the economic development efforts of the state.

It also wants to ban new coal mines and all new oil and gas drilling on state lands, which is an important element in helping the state remain competitive.

The proposed law would also bar new federal leases on the state-owned land, which would help keep the industry in the area, but would also prevent future coal mining from being conducted on state land.

According to the Montana Department of Natural Resources, the total number of acres of land that have been leased to the coal sector is more than $100 billion.

The department estimates that more than 100 coal mines are operating in the western United States.

The mining industry has long been the main source of income for the state and has been a significant contributor to its economy.

Coal mining has been an important part of the economy in West Montana for decades, but the industry has been plagued by environmental issues for years.

It has also had a history of violence and corruption, with many mining companies and miners being charged with murder, manslaughter, and other serious crimes.

“The industry has suffered over the years, and now that it has a clean slate, the industry is able to be more transparent,” says Rochan.

“You have a lot of mines and lots of miners in West Montanascia that are operating and are doing a lot.

The companies have had a lot more oversight over the mines and mines and mining operations, and we’re going to be able to make sure the industry continues to flourish.”

A ban would also have the effect of helping the industry to transition from a largely coal-based economy to a more energy-focused one.

Montana has long relied heavily on coal for power generation.

In 1980, West Virginia became the first state in America to ban all coal mining and other energy sources.

That was a big step forward for the West, and even in 2016, West Virginians voted overwhelmingly

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