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With a billion suns on the edge of our solar system, it’s not easy to predict exactly how the universe will evolve in the years and decades to come.

But it’s certainly possible to say that the universe is going to change radically.

But if you’re a physicist, it might be more complicated.

And that’s what you might call a “borgen” project.NASA scientists are developing a plan to harness the power of the sun for humanity, using the sun as a giant laboratory.

But there are some big questions about what that will look like.

A big one is: Will we be able to build solar panels on the moon?

A proposal to build the world’s largest solar power station on the surface of the moon was officially announced Wednesday.

The plan would harness the sun to power a massive solar array that would span 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) and cost $1 billion.

The moon could be the perfect laboratory to test the concept, said Tom Daley, who oversees NASA’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The moon, which sits on the equator and has an atmosphere so thin that it’s almost a liquid, has enough water to support life for billions of years.

It also has a magnetic field that can deflect solar radiation, and the lunar surface has a very rich geology.

“We’ve got a pretty good idea that the moon could support life,” he said.

“So it’s an easy, clean and very stable place to do research on the sun.

And the moon is a very good place to test out solar panels.”

A proposed plan for building the largest solar array in the world, and then harnessing the power for humanity.

Source: NASAA group of scientists from the U.S., Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia are behind the plan, called Project Bionis.

The group hopes to launch a spacecraft in 2020 that would travel around the moon, where it would sit on top of a giant array of sun panels, then travel back to Earth and build a giant solar power plant on the land.

The solar power facility would produce about 500 megawatts (MW) of power a day.

But there’s one major sticking point: What would happen if a giant, giant array is built on the lunar lander?

That’s not the only problem.

The massive solar power installation would require a huge amount of power, which would need to be transported to the moon for it to work.

That means there would be a big price tag.

The price tag for building a giant moon power station is estimated at about $1.5 billion, which is about 20 times the amount of money NASA has spent on solar power projects over the past three years.NASA is proposing a price tag of about $3 billion for a project that would harness 1.5 million megawatts of solar power for about a year.

That price tag includes all of the costs associated with building and operating the massive array, including power distribution and construction.

But the cost of building and installing the solar power stations themselves, the spacecraft, and any infrastructure to support the project are still going to be a large chunk of the overall cost.NASA’s proposal is not yet finalized, but a team of scientists and engineers is working to develop a plan that could bring the project forward by another year.

That process would take a lot longer if the project were to go ahead, however, as NASA needs to figure out what will happen to the solar array once it’s complete.

The group is working on a feasibility study, and NASA has already provided funding to help speed up the process.

NASA is already looking for companies to help with the cost analysis and engineering of the solar energy project, which could be completed by 2019.

The team wants to be ready for a mission to the moons, which have been known to be the “dark places” of the universe.

But we’re also working on another project called Project CERES, which uses the moon to look for exoplanets.NASA has already spent about $4 billion to study the moon.

That money could be used to make it easier to test other ideas to harness power from the sun in space.

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