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I know.

You’re probably asking yourself the same thing.

But I think we’ll be tuning in to watch the Pro Bowl in a big way, thanks to the new streaming service that is going to launch next week.

It will be the first time that we can stream NFL Pro Football 12 on Fox, the new subscription streaming service announced on Tuesday.

It’s going to be a game-changer for fans who are already on the bandwagon.

And it’s going have an impact on our NFL coverage as well, especially with the NFL’s new digital rights deal.

I’m not sure exactly when we’ll see this new stream, but I’m pretty sure we’ll start seeing it in early October.

We’ll be able to see all the games on live TV, as well as the games that are streamed via the new Fox Sports app.

It’s going be a very different experience to watch a game on a tablet or laptop.

It’ll be a real advantage to the casual viewer.

This new service is going make it even easier to watch and experience a game that way.

This new stream will also give us access to games on ESPN and FOX Sports Go, as they will be broadcast via Fox Sports 1.

It also gives us access via the Fox Sports Go app for the first few weeks.

We’re excited to get started with this new platform.

I think the new platform will be a tremendous help for fans of the league and for the league’s future.

We’ve already seen tremendous growth in viewership and ad revenue with this platform, and it’s only going to grow even more.

The new platform is going be the largest in-house sports content provider in the United States, and there’s no doubt that this new channel is going go a long way to making the league a more compelling, more popular destination for fans.

We will continue to watch games live, and the new service will be available through our Apple TV and Roku.

This will allow us to access the games from our computers and smartphones.

We will also be able stream the games to our TV and on our mobile devices, and we will continue using our existing Fox Sports Pass subscription service to watch all the NFL games.

I really do think that the NFL is going places in terms of content and fanship.

The league has had tremendous success with its new streaming platform, as it has with the traditional subscription-based offerings like ESPN.

And I think that with the new network, the NFL will continue its push for more fans.

This is going on the heels of the launch of NFL Plus, which offers fans the ability to watch their favorite team on multiple devices and on all platforms.

The company has a lot of exciting plans for the future, including the addition of a new channel that will allow fans to watch live and on-demand games from across the NFL, and a new streaming product that will bring more value to our subscribers.

I want to thank everyone at Fox Sports, including its CEO of FOX Sports Americas, Joe Schad, for joining me in the announcement of the new content service.

I also want to express my thanks to our partners at Fox Networks, who have been terrific at bringing great NFL content to our customers, and for all the work they’ve put in building and developing the NFL platform, which we will be seeing on new platforms throughout the year.

Fox is also going to make the most of the ESPN-exclusive NFL schedule, which is set to debut in October, with the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks-Baltimore Ravens.

The Giants-49ers game will also air on Fox on October 2nd, the first day of the season.

We expect that to be the only game in the NFL on that date.

The NFL will be on the air on ESPN2 and FOX Deportes, as part of the same ESPN package that includes FOX Sports 1, and on the new FOX Sports GO app.

I know it sounds crazy to say that we’ll watch all of these games live on the old Fox Sports channels, but it’s exactly what I’m excited about.

We have a great partnership with Fox Sports and we have great plans for our fans.

I can’t wait to watch our teams compete.

This will be an incredible opportunity for fans to come to their seats and experience what the NFL has been building in the years since it launched.

And as the league moves toward the digital age, we can’t afford to miss the opportunity to continue to showcase our best games.

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