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Newsweek article A new anime project has been announced, but how exactly it will be made and when it will premiere is unclear.

The anime project, dubbed Wood Project, is a new project from Kyoto Animation.

The title comes from the fact that the team behind Wood Project has no previous experience in animation.

The project is being described as a “prequel” to the anime series Wood Project.

The team, which is led by former director Akihiro Hasegawa and writer Yuuki Hayashi, has only worked on a few television shows, including Tokyo Ghoul and K-On!.

The project is described as being inspired by the Japanese forest and the surrounding landscapes, and its creators hope it will capture the essence of the world’s forests and natural habitats.

“I feel that a forest and its natural environment are the main themes of this project, and the way we create them and how we communicate them is the main factor that determines whether or not the wood project will be a good fit,” said Hayashi in a press release.

“The world’s woodlands have been in constant flux in our current society for a long time, and we hope to explore and create a world that reflects this fact.”

The project, which will debut on April 30, 2017 on Niconico, is also being developed by an outside company, called Niconi.

It is unclear when the project will premiere, but it is expected to air sometime this summer.

Hayashi’s previous work on television included his work on the original Tokyo Ghouls, which aired from 2004 to 2006.

Hayate also has been involved in the development of several other projects, including the animated series The World of Z, the first series to feature the original Japanese voice cast from the film Z: The End of Evangelion.

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