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FourFourOne’s Matt Pritchard has been working with NASA to put together an official project to bring the Moon’s shadow to life, using the spacecraft Maven to send a low-cost robotic camera into lunar orbit to create a high-quality picture of the surface.

We’re starting with the Moon.

It’s a fairly small piece of the planet.

You know, if you’re a lunar lander it’s about a kilometre across, so you would need a spacecraft about the size of a small aircraft carrier.

So it’s got to be something that can reach orbit, but it’s not going to have to be very big.

It has to be light.

The big problem is the optics.

You have to get a lot of light into a spacecraft that’s really heavy and, of course, there’s only one way to do that: by sending a spacecraft into lunar space.

It would take a couple of years to get the spacecraft to the Moon, so it’s going to take quite a bit of time to get that into orbit.

The optics are not going a long way, but they’re certainly going to get you started.

And then it’s the science.

The lunar surface is really interesting.

The surface is a big, big ocean.

So you’re going to need to do some really deep imaging.

It turns out that you can get very good, high resolution images of the Moon in lunar orbit.

And that’s not easy.

The Earth is a really good lens for the Moon because of the Earth’s rotation.

But the Moon is much smaller, so the Earth has to rotate the Moon to get enough sunlight into the Moon for that to be a good lens.

So the problem is that you have to rotate it a lot.

You can do some very fine-grained orbits, but you’re not going the right way.

So, the Earth is just a really great lens.

You could use it to do these low-resolution, very low-power images.

But that’s a very big problem.

It also requires you to do a lot more than just take a low resolution image of the lunar surface.

You’re going have to do this really high-resolution image of what’s actually there, and then do all the other science.

It requires really expensive equipment, but we’ve got the technology and we have some really good people working on that.

So there’s a lot to do.

And it’s definitely going to be challenging.

The Moon is a huge target, but the Moon isn’t going to last for very long.

So we’re going back to Earth.

But there’s no guarantee that we’re actually going to see any moon, so we’re definitely going back.

The challenge is that we can’t use Earth-based imagery because we can only use images that are taken by Earth-orbiting spacecraft.

So to get images of what we’re seeing, we need a really, really high quality image of Earth.

And this is going to require a lot, but I think that this is really a really exciting time for us to be in.

It means we’re getting really good images of things that are actually on Earth.

So that’s going really well.

We’ve got a lot going on.

I think this is the first real opportunity that we’ve had to really start to get an idea of what happens on the surface of the moon.

And so we are very excited about that, because we have a lot at stake here.

It does have to last a very long time.

It looks like we’re really going to miss the surface, so there’s really going on there.

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