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The most common complaint I hear from people who want to work on an app is that it doesn’t “wow people” enough to merit a position.

This article outlines five steps you can take to get more people interested in your app.

The idea is that you’ll create a simple and compelling video, explain your project in a few sentences, and then, with a few clicks, get your work noticed.

You can also use the video as a guide to get your friends to try your app too. The video Here are the basic steps to creating a video that will grab the attention of people who are not tech-savvy: 1.

Find an attractive image to use as the video.

This is usually a photo or a video from your company. 


Select a time and location.

 It’s easy to make a simple video, but you want to make it as easy to follow as possible.

The time and the location should be set for people to be able to follow along easily and quickly. 


Set the audio to be upbeat.

It’s a good idea to use a song or song-and-dance video to set the mood of your video.


Add subtitles. 

Subtitles can help convey your message.

For example, if you’re explaining that your app is a smart home device and will give users access to their homescreen, you might use an audio track that has music or lyrics.


Make sure the video is simple to follow. 

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on this step, you can skip it and just go to step two.

Step 3: Make a video using your product’s visual element and audio This is the most time-consuming part of the video, so it’s important that you’re confident that you have the right elements to make your video appealing.

The more you create a video, the more effective it will be.

Here are the five elements that will help you create an appealing video: • Background and lighting.

The background and lighting should be well-lit and vibrant, but still easy to identify.

You want to give your video a retro feel to it, so don’t go overboard with bright colors or bright lighting. 

• The video should feature at least one actionable, actionable element that will be clear and understandable. 

I recommend choosing elements that you think will be interesting to your target audience, so you don,t have to focus on the actionable ones.

If you don.t have a clear idea of what your video is about, that can be confusing to your users. 

For example, in this video, I’m using a video-sharing app called “Shazam” that has a feature called “share videos.”

The app allows users to share videos from their devices with others.

So instead of creating a long video, you could use the following elements: a) A bright, colorful video that makes it clear that the video includes something relevant and fun to your audience. 

b) An actionable photo that shows your product in action. 

c) A voiceover that talks about the product’s functionality. 

d) A small graphic that tells the story of your product. 

e) The ability to share a link to the video to share it to your friends. 

Step 4: Create a video with a voiceover The best way to create a compelling video is to use your product as a vehicle to tell a compelling story.

The better your video story, the easier it will become for users to understand what your app does. 

You can use a voice over to tell your story.

I use an animated voice over for this.

Here’s how it works: In this video I’ll show you how to use an app called Google Maps to show a map of an area that you live in.

You’ll hear me describe the app, how to set up your map, and how to navigate around it. 

Then I’ll introduce the voiceover to show you some of the different features you can do with Google Maps.

I also show you a video about how to create your own map using Google Maps’ Street View feature.

The video ends with a video of me driving around my hometown and the video shows how easy it is to navigate my city. 

After the video ends, you’ll have the opportunity to add some text to the screen to make the video more relevant to the audience.

Here is an example video that I used to illustrate this: I hope this guide helps you to create an engaging video that is engaging to your intended audience.

If this helps you, I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on this article.

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