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The Happiness Project is a project that aims to help people improve their happiness by using technology to monitor their mental state and behaviors.

The project uses wearable devices and algorithms to track moods, mood states, and activities, and the devices help track people’s thoughts, feelings, and moods over time.

But, as the company says, the goal is not to be a cure for depression.

Instead, the project is to help bring people closer to happiness.

As a project manager and founder of the project, Amanda Fishel, told Forbes, her job is to take a look at the mental health of the population.

She said the goal was to identify people with depressive symptoms and to work with them to help them develop strategies for coping with them.

She said the project was designed to take advantage of the fact that people have different levels of happiness, with a more high-level level of happiness being considered healthy.

“We want to identify where people are in their happiness, and then develop strategies to help these people get there,” Fisher said.

To create the project and track the participants, Fishell and her team recruited volunteers who agreed to give their names and addresses to the company and have a battery of psychological tests taken.

The tests tracked people’s moods and mental health.

The first group of participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups.

The group that got the tracking device, the Positive Mindfulness Project, took the tests.

They were then assigned to two other groups that had similar tracking devices, the Emotional Intelligence Project and the Positive Health Project.

All of the volunteers who got the monitoring devices were asked to complete a questionnaire to measure their moods.

The volunteers were also asked to rate the intensity of their emotional state, how much they agreed with the statements, and whether they were happy or sad.

The Positive Mindful Project participants also had a questionnaire that asked them to rate their happiness on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most happy.

After completing the questionnaire, the participants were asked whether they felt that their overall happiness had improved since taking the tracking devices.

For the Positive Emotional intelligence Project participants, the questionnaire asked them what they did on a daily basis to help their mood, and what they would like to change about themselves in the future.

For a sample of participants who were given a battery test, the study found that those who were not given the tracking tracker or were not able to complete the questionnaire were also less likely to be happy than those who completed the questionnaire.

The results of the study, conducted by Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychology, also showed that those that were given the devices were less likely than those that did not have them to report having been depressed, and that those given the technology reported less depression and more positive moods after completing the task.

According to the report, the positive emotions that people reported after completing a task in the Positive Mood Project group were also more positive than the negative emotions that they reported after completion of the task in their Negative Mindfulness group.

The researchers then asked the participants about their feelings about the project.

Those who had been given the tracker were less satisfied with their happiness compared to those who did not receive the tracking equipment.

And those who reported that their happiness had declined were less happy than the people who reported they had never been happier.

The findings of the Positive Positive Health project, however, showed that the positive mood that people felt after completing task was not affected by whether or not they were given tracking devices and that positive emotions were not affected if the participants completed the task without them.

The positive emotions experienced by participants in both groups also did not seem to vary over time, and were not linked to whether the participants received the tracking or not.

The positive mood was more positive when the participants reported they felt more positive after completing their task than it was when they reported they did not feel positive after completion.

Overall, Fhashel said, her research has shown that there is no specific treatment for depression, and she hopes the project will help the community become more aware of how technology can help people.

“The people we’re talking about are people that don’t really need help,” Fhashers said.

“They’re not depressed, they’re not suffering from a mental illness, they don’t need help.”

The Positive Emotion Project is currently accepting volunteers to try the tracking technology, and is hoping to have a device available to the public by the end of the year.

The project will also be looking to help with the issue of depression, according to Fishe, who said she hopes that by creating a device, people can help each other.

“People are really in this for themselves,” she said.

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