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Oculus VR has just released a brand new headset, but it still uses a pair of glasses that require the Oculus Touch controllers.

While the Oculus Rift is still the only headset that supports Oculus Touch, there are a few new ways to get the Oculus VR headset working with a pair or three of standard headsets, or a few of the new Oculus Touch accessories that came out today.

The first option is to use the Oculus Home app for a standard VR headset.

You’ll find it in the Oculus Store, but we suggest checking out the tutorial for the Oculus Pro Edition, which has some additional features and a slightly better user interface.

This guide is for the Pro Edition.

If you want to try it on the Rift Pro Edition first, check out this tutorial, which covers how to install the Oculus Remote app and get the Rift working with the Oculus app.

For the Pro version, you’ll need to buy an Oculus Touch Controller, which you can buy on Amazon for $199.99.

It’s the best VR headset you can get right now, but the Rift still requires a pair, and you’ll want to get at least two for the best results.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use a standard Oculus Rift headset with a few additional accessories, including an Oculus Home Controller and a pair for the Rift.

Here’s the Oculus Gear VR headset, with a couple of accessories added.

You can download the Oculus Oculus Home controller from Amazon.

It has a lot of nice features, including motion tracking and touch controllers, and it’s pretty easy to use.

We’ve used it to use Oculus Home, which is a way of getting a simple way to play games.

You can download it for free right now from the Oculus store, but you’ll pay a little extra for it later.

To install the controller, open the Oculus home app and tap the “Home” button at the bottom.

The controller will pop up and ask you to install it, and then it will ask you which version of the controller you want.

You’re going to want to select the Pro edition if you want the Pro controller.

The Pro edition will take up about a quarter of your virtual reality experience, but since you’re only getting one version, it won’t make the experience any more immersive than the default version.

We recommend choosing the Pro model because it’s more stable and has a better tracking system.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can try installing the Oculus Unity app, which lets you add VR content to the game you already have running.

To install it and configure the Unity VR game, you need to install an Oculus Controller, a couple Oculus Touch and a gamepad, and a few accessories.

We found Unity VR was a little slower to install than Unity Home, but that’s probably because Unity is an open source project, which means the Oculus controllers are available for download on the Unity website for free.

Once you’ve got all of the components, you should be able to use Unity VR with your standard Rift headset.

In our test, we were able to play the game on the Oculus headset and the Rift controller, but in practice, it took us a couple hours to get everything to work.

The Rift was able to capture a bit more than a quarter or two of the room’s screen, but only when we were sitting at the edge of the screen.

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