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Microsoft has been working with project managers to help create a new type of project management platform for the Microsoft Project team, which has a focus on the work of the IT department and project management teams, as well as the IT and engineering teams.

This is the latest in a series of initiatives that will help Microsoft grow the value of its products and services, but Microsoft also said in a blog post today that it will continue to provide more detailed product guidance and to “develop and develop a project management product.”

In the post, Microsoft said it is “developing and developing a new project management system that will make it easier to quickly manage projects.”

It said it has already begun “developments with a large group of IT department managers.”

Microsoft has worked with Project Managers, a consulting group that specializes in helping IT departments, project managers, and other team members manage projects.

The group is also working with Project Partners, a software platform Microsoft is developing that will “help project managers make more efficient use of Microsoft Project software,” the company said.

Microsoft said it will have more details on how it will deliver the new platform, which is scheduled to launch in 2020, in a future blog post.

Microsoft also released the first official pictures of its new product and platform, with more pictures to come as more details come to light.

The first photos of Microsoft’s new Project platform, released today, were released by Microsoft’s PR team, and the company’s team in Washington, D.C., has already taken a closer look.

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