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New blue beam project is to launch in Sydney and has been funded by $4.2 million in public funds.

Key points:Blue beam is the world’s first ‘beam’ project and it aims to provide an alternative to the current state of the art lighting technologyBlue beam uses lasers to beam light into the eye, similar to a torch, instead of using mirrors.

It’s hoped it will reduce the amount of light reaching the eyes of people with colour vision deficienciesBlue beam, which is being developed by the University of NSW, uses a special laser to capture light from the eyes and convert it into electrical energy.

Key Points:The Blue Beam Project will use the technology to provide light into people with a colour vision deficiencyBlue beam will be installed in new buildings in Sydney in 2018Blue beam aims to reduce the energy consumption of the existing technologyReducing the amount that lights and other lighting fixtures consume electricity could potentially be the biggest change to lighting in Australia in a generation, according to Dr Paul Wills, chief scientist for the Blue Beam Institute.

“It is the first beam technology to be commercially commercially available and it will be the first of its kind in the world,” Dr Wills said.

“I think that there are many technologies that have been available for years but none of them have been commercially viable.”‘

The blue beam’ is the new name for Blue Beam.

It will be located at the Sydney University of Technology’s research centre and will be funded by a $4 million state grant from the NSW Government.

The university says the new system will be ready for the next major lighting overhaul.

“We are delighted that Blue Beam will now be able to compete with other existing technologies and will also provide an opportunity for the future of our state’s lighting,” NSW Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Rob Stokes said.

Dr Wills says Blue Beam has already shown that it can be used to replace traditional lights in a wide variety of buildings.

“Our system is designed to provide low-cost lighting to buildings that are at risk of deteriorating due to the aging of the infrastructure,” he said.

The project has been under way for two years and has already been able to replace many older buildings in the area.

Dr Stokes says Blue beam is one of the first projects to use a laser to produce light, rather than using mirrors, instead.

“The technology uses an infrared laser to illuminate the structure, so there is no need for glass or glass glass elements in the design,” he says.

“Instead, it uses a unique, high-energy, low-power, high power laser to focus the light into a single point of light that is directed through the eyes.”

The technology is expected to have a wide range of applications.

“People who have colour vision impairments will benefit from using it in their homes, offices and retail,” Dr Stokes explains.

“There are a lot of other uses that are just being explored as well.”


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