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The rosie, or East Coast, is a region of Sydney’s inner west that has been home to many of Sydney and Melbourne’s most successful and successful people.

It has also had a turbulent past, including a number of high-profile deaths and a number scandals involving political and business leaders.

This week’s ABC Today program sought to find out more about the rosie.

The ABC has teamed up with a local developer to explore the roster’s history and how it has evolved since its founding in the early 1900s.

The story begins in the 1920s with the birth of Sydney, with the city’s founding father, John Denton, and his son James Denton founding the country’s first mining company.

James Dentsons father also played a key role in the formation of the ALP in the late 19th century, which led to a number other prominent political leaders being elected to parliament.

In 1923, James Densons son Robert entered politics with the ALP, and the family’s fortunes continued to grow with a number politicians taking on their father’s name in the Labor Party.

The Denton family also had their share of controversies, with Robert Denson having his family’s share of a share of the family wealth, as well as a number cases of his family being accused of corruption.

Robert Denton was eventually elected prime minister in 1927, with Julia Gillard leading the Labor Government.

But he was ultimately defeated in the election and was replaced by the newly elected prime Minister, Harold Holt.

In 1929, Harold returned as leader of the Opposition and led a Labor Government which sought to introduce a series of economic reforms which were dubbed the “socialistic reform”.

He introduced a tax credit, which allowed families to save for a down payment on a home, and introduced a new social housing program.

The changes were controversial, and some were labelled as the “Red Scare” which saw the government take out full-page advertisements in newspapers across the country warning of “socialists”.

After this, Harold was ousted by the then-Liberal leader, John Hewson, who also led the Labor government, in the 1930s.

After his death in 1937, Robert Donsons son Charles Donson became Prime Minister.

Charles DONSON: I was quite a successful person, the great, the greatest, of all my family.

I have made some good, some bad, but I have been a great man, a great minister, a wonderful man.

He took the government to a higher place, to what is today known as the Federal Government.

So there were many great things I achieved.

The man who came in, he was a great deal of fun to be around, but he didn’t have much to do, he didn’ t have much in terms of the people, he wasn’t interested in politics, he just took his responsibilities.

The first thing that he did was he set up a new National Bureau of Economic Research, a research group which was an independent organisation which would undertake research on various issues of public policy, and which became known as Project A. In 1934, Charles Dontons father Robert Donton was elected to Parliament for the first time, with his first cabinet appointment being for the NSW Legislative Council.

In the late 1930s, Robert’s brother and former Prime Minister Robert Hill was elected as the Minister for the Environment, the State’s Department of Agriculture and the Fisheries, and Robert Dickson was appointed Deputy Premier.

Charles and Robert were elected to their positions in the state parliament in the mid 1940s, and Charles and his brother Robert Dison became the first Indigenous people to be elected to state parliament.

The Labor Government began to introduce changes to Australia’s environmental laws, and they were called the “sustainable development” laws.

The laws included measures to address the problem of water pollution, such as reducing the size of reservoirs in New South Wales and Victoria, and creating a national climate change action plan.

In 1941, Charles and Bob were elected Prime Minister and were joined by Harold Holt, who was also the first Australian to serve in the military.

The government also introduced a National Water Strategy, which called for the expansion of water resources in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland, and for a new national water management strategy in the Australian Capital Territory.

Robert and Charles Dickson became the most powerful men in the country in the 1940s and the 1950s.

Robert was an industrialist, and a successful one at that, with many of his companies having gone on to achieve significant success.

Charles was a politician who could be charismatic and powerful, and he was very much associated with the Labor party, as the first Aboriginal politician to be appointed a minister in the 1980s.

But the 1950 to 1960s was a turbulent period in the life of the Donsies, as Robert was accused of involvement in an affair, and was subsequently accused of having an affair with

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