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Zoho is set to close all its offices in the UK, France, Ireland and Germany.

The news comes as the company is facing mounting pressure from investors, with investors accusing the company of “not following through” on the plans to scale back its European operations, which include a factory in France.

In March, Zoho said it was shutting down the French plant, but the French government has since said it has no intention of granting it a permit to open a new plant.

Zoho also announced it would be scaling back its operations in Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany, citing “uncertainty” surrounding the state of the European economy.

The company said it had “an ongoing review of the future of our business” but would not be releasing further information until the review was completed.

Zhoohoo, founded in the late 1970s, has been a leader in the home entertainment market for decades.

It was acquired by Sony in 2015 and is currently the largest home entertainment company in the world with approximately 7,600 employees worldwide.

Zolo announced plans to shut down its Paris factory, which is one of its main production lines.

Zwoohoo also announced plans for a new headquarters in Ireland and an expansion in the Netherlands.

The Irish firm, which makes the popular Blu-ray Disc players, will continue to manufacture Blu-rays in the company’s offices in Dublin.

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