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A startup that was recently acquired by Zorcom aims to build a smartphone that runs on a new type of energy called biofuel.

The company, known as Zorz, has already raised over $4 million in seed funding in the past six months and hopes to raise even more in the next two months.

Zorz will focus on developing its technology using biofuel from trees, plants and water sources, and it plans to release a product later this year, said Zor-com founder Daniel Zorner.

The company plans to sell the biofuel as a fuel for cars, trucks and other vehicles, but it also plans to expand into other products, Zoroz said.

The startup has raised $2 million from several investors, including Sequoia Capital, Sequoias Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates and Sequoiatra Venture Partners.ZOrz is focused on building a device that is “the next generation of the smart phone,” Zorzin said.

ZorZ is currently building the device using a custom microprocessor and a battery that runs at 3,000 watts per square meter.

The biofuel used is a renewable resource called cellulose.

ZORZ hopes to eventually expand into the biofuels market and to eventually replace traditional batteries in cars and other products.

Biofuels are made from sugar, water and cellulose, which is typically used as a feedstock for fertilizers.

Zorbov said ZORz will also try to develop biofuel for other uses, like building food, plastics and fuel.

The Zorzz team plans to start with the biofeedstock in a year or two, Zorbuz said.

Biofuel is a sustainable energy source that uses plant-based materials like cellulose to produce energy.

Biofuels can also be made from other renewable sources, like wind or solar energy, but the process is expensive and requires expensive fertilizers and other materials.ZORZ aims to be the first company to make a battery powered device that can store energy for use as a renewable fuel.

The battery can be used as either a fuel or a storage device.

Zorbz hopes to launch its biofuel product by the end of 2020, Zora-zorz said.

A battery is the component that powers the device.

BioFuel, ZOR-zorg said, is meant to replace fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas and coal, and will replace many existing products that can be made of fossil fuels.

Zora-Zorzi said the company hopes to build biofuel devices that can power vehicles as well as the internet of things and smart home products.

The biofuel can be produced from trees that have been modified to grow algae, Zoras-zorbz said, adding that ZORzz will also work on creating products that use biofuel to make batteries.

Bio fuel also could be used to make products like smart homes that can monitor energy usage.

Biofuel can also help to create a sustainable supply of fuel, Zorgoz said, and could also be used in cars, boats and other goods.

Zorgoz expects that biofuel will be a viable energy source in the long run, but he also thinks that the transition from fossil fuels to biofuves could be a long one.

“There will be some transition to other fuels,” Zorgo said.

“I am very optimistic,” ZOR Zorbz added.

“I think this will be the biggest transition in the history of the world, in terms of energy.”

Zoroz plans to build the bio fuel product in two phases, with the first phase to be ready by the second half of 2020.

The second phase will take place after that.

Zoras-Zorbuz added that he is currently focusing on building the Zorzo biofuel technology in Russia, and that Zoriz plans to invest in the company.

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