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The Fit Father project is an experiment in how to create a safe and happy family life for boys.

The project aims to improve child health and wellbeing through a simple and straightforward process that can be implemented at home. 

I have been working on this project since February 2015, when I first started thinking about how I would make a life for my sons and my own children.

It was my first project of my own. 

It was a life I wanted to live, and a life that I wanted for my boys and my family.

It also meant a lot of hard work and I didn’t have any experience with other projects. 

When I first began thinking about making a safe life for children, I was inspired by my own father. 

As a boy growing up in rural New Brunswick, my father had been diagnosed with lung cancer and died from it just a few years after I was born. 

After I had my own sons, I realized that making a life together was important.

I also realized that I didn.t know how to do it myself.

I didn,t know what I needed to know, and I was still unsure about what I should be doing.

I was frustrated by this.

I felt so helpless and alone.

I was frustrated that my children and I were not on the same page.

So, I started working on the project. 

This was the beginning of the Fitfather Project. 

 The Fitfather project is a simple, direct, and simple-to-follow process that will allow me to achieve a healthy and happy life for them.

I will give them the tools, and they will help me make the changes that will make their lives better. 

The process started with the following steps: 1.

I created a family.

 My family is a family of two boys and a girl.

My husband and I adopted the boys from a foster home, and after a few months we moved into a new home in an area that is remote from our existing home.

We had two dogs, a white labrador named Muffet and a black Labrador named Sammie, and we had three cats. 


I went to work.

My husband and my daughter were working part-time.

They were in school and we were in the process of raising them. 


I got a job.

We moved into an apartment in Winnipeg, and my husband was taking care of the kids.

The kids were still in their home-schooling program, and while we were able to have a bit of a routine with them, we didn’t know how we would live our lives.

My daughter was in a foster care facility.

We decided that the children needed to stay home with me and my partner for the time being. 


I began my project.

The first step was to design a plan.

After much thought, I decided to use a simple process called the undo-all process. 

What exactly did it do?

It was a simple way to begin a new life.

I decided that it would be a good start. 

My husband said, “Why not use the same process that you did when you first started working?” 

The idea was that it was a great way to start a new chapter in the lives of our boys. 

Then I began implementing the undo process, which was a way to get rid of the things that had been holding them back from making the changes they needed to make to be healthy and strong in their new lives. 

1-3 days after starting the project, I would ask my sons to help me with the first task.

This is where I would explain to them that the undo would be the first step.

They would need to decide whether they wanted to help or not.

If they decided not to help, then the undo wouldn’t be necessary. 

If they agreed to help with the task, then I would say, “OK, let’s try undoing the problem.” 

If I was feeling confident, I could say, I’ll undo the problem.

If I was not feeling confident I could also say, Let’s undo the thing you don’t want to undo.

Once I had said, OK, let me try undo the stuff that you don`t want to do, I’d then tell them to start with the most important part of the undo: What do you want to be doing with your life?

I would tell them about the things they needed the most to be successful in life, and what they didn`t need.

I would then tell their parents about the issues that they were having. 

So, what did I do to help my boys?

The first thing I did was to explain that I would be undoing their most important things. 

For example, I told them about all the things I wanted

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