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Bangalore, India: Blue Beam Solar Project in Bangalore, a project designed to increase the renewable energy output of the city’s streets, is expected to generate Rs. 5,000 crore (Rs.

8.6 billion) in revenue over the next three years. 

The project is being run by the Bangalore Development Authority, which will invest in various facilities such as lighting, lighting management and parking meters.

The project aims to bring about significant improvements in the energy efficiency of the environment, which in turn will improve the quality of life for Bangalore residents. 

“The project will benefit our citizens by increasing their standard of living.

There is an increase in the number of households and households are also getting better quality of living,” said Vijay Chaudhary, President, Blue Beam Project. 

Blue Beam Project’s main goal is to bring a 50 per cent decrease in CO2 emissions in Bangalore.

“The main aim is to reduce CO2 footprint and also bring down CO2-induced energy consumption by the residents,” he added. 

In the past, the project was mainly used to provide lighting for the city but now it will also be used to install solar panels for the entire city.

The project is also being supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. 

Vijay Choudhary is the president of the Bangalore development authority.

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