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A home theater system can make or break a home.

And that’s a problem that the makers of this new system are trying to address.

The new system uses a magnetic field to project images onto a wall.

(The word ‘projection’ has been used in conjunction with the word ‘movable’ to describe this system.)

The magnetic field is used to create a ‘bounce’ of the images onto the wall and project the images on the ceiling.

(See more on that next.)

The system is designed to be very low cost, using less power than traditional wall projectors, and it is currently on sale for $7,499.

(It’s also $1,995 more expensive than a similar system in a traditional home theater setup.)

That’s a big deal because it means you can build a home theater using the same basic equipment that you’d normally buy.

This system isn’t cheap, either, though, and some home theater enthusiasts are hoping to recoup the cost of the system with a pledge campaign.

The system’s creators have also announced plans to release the system as a consumer product.

The project, called ATHIA, is set to launch in January.

(ATHIA is short for ATHiM’s Theatre In The Heart of The Home, but it stands for ‘Athia Projection’).

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