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Toronto, ON — — (CNNMoney) When a family in the Toronto area needed a way to help their struggling farm animals, they were looking for something more than a quick fix.

They were looking to hire a Project Hazel volunteer to help them get the farm back on track.

A few weeks ago, a few of the volunteers — all working in tandem — took to Twitter to announce they were hiring a Project hazel volunteer to do just that.

They are the newest group of volunteers working to help improve the lives of Toronto’s animal rescue workers, and they’ve already made an impact.

“We have some very talented people who can be a tremendous asset to our team,” says Project Hazel’s director, Mike Goggin.

“And that’s what we’re going to be looking to find in Toronto.”

Project Hazel is a volunteer organization that works to rescue animals in Toronto and surrounding areas.

It has a number of teams across the city, including one working on the project hazel.

They’re not just volunteers, though.

Gogin and his team are working with animal rescue groups to bring them jobs, as well as helping them train new volunteers to be Project Hazel volunteers.

“Our hope is that Project Hazel will become a viable alternative to the shelter industry,” he says.

“And we think we have an opportunity to provide a positive impact on animals in need.”

Project Hazel is a group of animal rescue volunteers working on a project hazell, a rescue program in which volunteers help to care for animals in a humane way.

Goches goal is to provide jobs to animal rescue teams in the city by providing them with opportunities to train and support others.

“It’s been challenging for me, but we have a very talented team here,” says Gogins wife, Lisa Gogbin.

“They’ve done some fantastic work.

It’s been a very difficult time for me.”

Lisa Goggins husband, Michael, and their family had a rough time last year, when they lost their farm, and she says it took a lot of hard work to rebuild their life.

“The farm was just a pile of debris,” she says.

“We couldn’t fix the barn, the shed, the garage, we couldn’t build the fences, and we didn’t even have a fence.”

“It was a disaster,” Lisa Gigbin adds.

“But we knew that we could do something.

We knew we had the people to do it.”

So when Project Hazel posted a job ad on the site and asked if they wanted to work on a hazel project, she jumped at the chance.

“I’m just thrilled,” she said.

“There are a lot more animals that are in need in the community than there are shelter dogs,” says Lisa Gagbin.

Lisa Gagbins husband, Mike, has been working on hazel projects since the age of nine.

They’ve done everything from making hay to keeping animals fed and warm.

But, Lisa says, he’s been missing for a while now.

“Mike was the reason we went into hazel.”

Lisa says her husband’s job is a dream come true, but the only way she can keep that dream alive is by making sure she has a supportive and caring husband and family who are willing to work with her.

“Mike’s a big part of what keeps me going, that he wants to do this.

He has a passion and he has an enthusiasm,” she adds.

Mike Gogbins work on hazell projects for Project Hazel.

He says his job is to be a part of that passion, and that passion is to make sure that animals are treated humanely.

“I want the best for animals,” he explains.

“As soon as I hear an animal is in need, I have to make every effort to make the best out of it,” says Mike Gaggin.

And that is something that Mike Geggin is working hard to accomplish.

Lisa says she is looking forward to seeing the hazel program in Toronto succeed.

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