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A GOP congressional aide who worked closely with tea party activists during the 2010 midterm elections is now helping a new tea party darling.

Amber Coffman, a former Republican congressional aide, became a top strategist for the Tea Party Patriots and a spokeswoman for Rep. Justin Amash, a Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.

Amitse, the tea party’s top vote-getter, had been the Republican Party’s top target for an open primary, but Coffman became the top candidate when Amash won a crowded GOP primary and won the endorsement of a tea partier group, according to the tea partiers who worked with Coffman.

Coffman, 32, was hired to work for Amash’s campaign as his senior adviser.

She is also a political adviser for the House Republican Conference.

A spokesman for Amachas campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

Amash, who has long criticized federal overreach by the Obama administration, endorsed Coffman during the election, saying she is a champion of freedom and an ally of the grassroots movement that helped defeat President Barack Obama in the 2010 midterms.

“This is the first time Amber Coffman has ever worked for Justin Amachases campaign and is thrilled to have her as our top campaign adviser,” Amash said in a statement.

“She is a friend of Justin’s, a longtime supporter of his and a principled leader.”

Amash said the tea-partiers are working closely with Coffmen to build the conservative grassroots network.

Amash is leading the Freedom Caucus, which is composed of a handful of tea party conservatives.

“I know that Amber Coffmans support for the Freedom caucus will be vital in helping Justin overcome this primary,” Amachs campaign manager Jason Johnson said in the statement.