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Project coordinators from the University of Kagerou and the University at Kavala, the two oldest research centers in Indonesia, are in talks with scientists to create a new, faster, and cheaper method for creating human embryos with genetically engineered skin and skin cells.

The project aims to develop new tools to automatically link the cells of the skin to the genes of the person’s DNA.

Kagerou scientists have been developing this method since 2007, and Kavalans researchers first used it in 2004 to produce skin cells from human skin.

Their latest work involves developing a technique called epigenetic modification to change the genes inside the skin of genetically engineered mice.

This new method allows for more precise control over the DNA of the embryos.

One of the most striking aspects of the new technique is that it allows the cells to be easily removed from the skin, without damaging the DNA inside.

“We have been working on this for a long time,” said study leader, Dr. Masudah Kudu.

“But it took a lot of work to produce this technique, and it is now ready for commercialisation.

In the last three years, we have produced some embryos in two of our labs, and this is the first time that we have successfully used this method to generate skin cells, and the results are very good.”

Kudu said the researchers were working on developing the new method to make skin cells for use in human embryos. 

“If we could generate the skin cells in a way that we could harvest the skin and then apply the skin cell to the skin surface, we would be able to extract DNA from the DNA and then transfer it into the embryo,” he said.

With the new epigenetic technique, scientists can now easily and precisely harvest the DNA from a skin cell and transfer it directly to the developing embryo, without any need to use a surrogate egg.

As a result, the researchers said they could now easily use this new technique to create skin cells that could be used in a range of human applications. 

Dr. Masoudah Kuzu, project coordinator, Kagerous study team The new technique has also been tested in the laboratory, and Dr. Kuzi said he was confident the new approach would be suitable for the human-animal hybrids we need.

While the scientists said it was still in its early stages, Dr Kuzil said they were currently planning on testing the new skin-cell technique in the lab. 

One of their main goals is to have a prototype skin cell with skin that looks similar to a human embryo.

“We have developed the technology that allows for the skin DNA to be linked with the skin gene of the embryo and the skin will become a new skin cell,” said Kuzili.

He added that their hope is that their method could be incorporated into existing technologies in the future, such as skin grafting.

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