What is MentorMyWay?

MentorMyWay is a free platform to find and facilitate mentoring relationships between willing mentors and mentees.

Mentors and mentees are now enabled to be more targeted in who they want to talk to, what they want to talk about, and when they want to talk. Everyone has experiences and knowledge that can be extremely valuable to share.

Some think of MentorMyWay as a combination of a professional networking site and a dating site, we hope it\'s the end of cold-calls!


How do I contact a mentor or mentee?

Start by searching for a person you would like to connect with on the Search page. After clicking on a person's profile select the Request Connection button, which will notify that individual via email. If they accept your request you will receive an email confirming they have accepted. In the Connections page under Current Network, you can then message them using MentorMyWay's personal messaging system. Only registered users can view full profiles or request contacts.

As a mentor is there any formal time commitment?

No. As the website name implies, the time commitment is up to you. Sometimes a short phone call will be the extent of the connection. Sometimes a longer term relationship will be formed. It's completely up to you!

Why hasn't my request been accepted?

The demand for mentors is high, very similar to applying for a job. Each person must make their best first-impression when reaching out to a mentor.

At this time there is no feedback on why a decision was made, but if you have suggestions on how to make this a better process please give us feedback at our feedback page so we can tailor the site to best fit your needs.

How can I improve my chances for a mentor to accept my request?

Mentors have repeatedly stressed the importance of a complete and concise profile. Provide enough information about yourself to let people make an informed decision, but be short enough to be quickly read.

Finally, just be honest and consider selecting a mentor where you may have something in common.

How do I know if I have been requested by a mentor/mentee?

After someone has requested your connection you will receive a notification email from MentorMyWay . You may also login to your account on the Connections page to view your Requests In, Requests Out, and Current Network.

Can someone be a mentee and a mentor?

Absolutely. We encourage everyone to seek mentors as well as participate as a mentor. No matter who you are or what your background, everyone has experiences and knowledge that can be extremely valuable to a mentee.

Studies have also shown that participating on each side improves your quality both as a mentor and mentee because you understand what the other person needs from you. Test it out for yourself!

Is my information private?

Yes, privacy is very important to MentorMyWay. We do not share your information with any third parties. Information on your profile will be available for other registered users to search and view, however all other information outside of your profile will be kept private.

As a MentorMyWay user, how often will I be emailed?

An email will be sent to you on a when a connection is requested. If you request someone and they accept your contact request you will also receive an email. Occasionally, you may receive emails from us requesting feedback or providing news about enhancements and new features.

How do I contact MentorMyWay to provide any feedback or suggestions?

We love feedback! We value our customers and strongly encourage everyone to voice their opinion. Your suggestions and feedback will have a direct impact on the features, upgrades, and future path of MentorMyWay. On each page there is a feedback link to our feedback page.