::: 2 Stories To Begin :::

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2 Stories To Begin With

1. Nokia Refused Android
2. Yahoo Refused Google

Story Over

Lessons Learnt
1. Take Risks
2. Embrace Changes
3. If You Refuse To Change With Time, You Might Perish

Ok 2 More Stories

1. Facebook Takes Over WhatsApp and Instagram
2. Flipkart Takes Over Myntra and Flipkart Owned Myntra Takes Over Jabong

Story Over

Lessons Learnt
1. Become So Powerful That Your Competitors Become Your Allies
2. Reach The Top Position and Then Eliminate The Competition
3. Keep Innovating

2 More stories

1. Colonel Sanders Founded KFC at The Age of 65
2. Jack Ma, Who Couldn’t Get Job in KFC, Founded Ali Baba

Story Over

Lessons Learnt
1. Age Is Just A Number
2. Only Those Who Keep Trying Succeeds

Last But Not The Least

1. Lamborghini Was Founded As Result Of Revenge Of A Tractor Owner Who Was Insulted by Enzy Ferrari, the Founder of FERRARI

Story Over

Lessons learnt
1. Never Underestimate Anyone, Ever !!
2. Success Is the BEST REVENGE

Just Keep Working Hard !! 
Invest Your Time Wisely !! 
Do What Pleases You !! 
Don’t BE AFRAID to FAIL !!!




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::: 6 Years, 35 Attempts and $180 Million Overnight :::

entrepreneurship, Story Of D Day


::: 6 Years, 35 Attempts and $180 Million Overnight :::

Here’s Charles.

A month ago he was set to close his business. This week, he sold it for $180 million. That’s why he’s smiling…

After six years trying to figure out how to make games on the iPhone, Charles Forman was about to give up, with his company, Omgpop, set to run out of money by this May. Things changes three days ago. He said in an interview with the New York Times on Monday “I had $1,700 in my bank account yesterday, and now I have a whole lot more.”

So what changed? After 35 attempts at making games that would be successful, the Omgpop team finally found a hit at the beginning of February. The game, called “Draw Something” is like Pictionary for the iPhone. Since it launched on Feb 6th, it has been downloaded 35 million times. It caught the attention of Zynga, the game company behind Farmville and other Facebook game hits. A month after the game launched, Zynga just bought Omgpop from Charles for $180 million.

Do you have the perseverance to try to create a success after 35 failures?
Is it worth the six years of trying and failing to reach the runaway success?
This is another example of hyper-growth that comes from getting your surf board back out there again and again.
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