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You are a child of God, but you don’t know that yet. You are a part of the God-consciousness, and although you can feel unworthy, unlovable or a hundred other self-limiting things, you cannot be any of them. The saving grace is that you are already the magnificent being you are “becoming.” The evolution that is taking place is not in who you are, it is in who you think you are. The change will be in your consciousness, in your awareness.

Your feelings of unworthiness have only a modest connection to the events of the present or even your past lives. Your life experiences reinforce those feelings, but in most cases, life events simply do not have the potency to generate the intensity of feeling you hold around the issue of unworthiness.

In its most basic form, the ego creates a sense of “you” which is different from your sense of “them.” This differentiation provides a wedge that can be used to create a sense of separation. The ego either makes others “less than” us by giving us a false sense of superiority or makes us “less than” them by creating feelings of shame, inadequacy or guilt.

Either way, you use the feeling of separation to find “reasons” to hold back and not risk being close. It gives you a myth of insulation from the vagaries of life. You can blame others, rationalize away an insult or in the alternative, beat yourself up, creating separation through self-debasement. But, ignoring the long-term implications (which it does), the ego provides a crutch to help you get through difficult moments.

The ego manifests through belief: “I am better/worse than her.” “I am beautiful/ugly, smart/stupid, etc., etc. It doesn’t really matter what “it” is, so long as it can create a difference that the ego can use. And although a belief may contain an element of truth, beliefs blow everything out of proportion so that your rationalizations will hold up and can pander to your fear. (Remember, beliefs are different than Truth.)

You may be overweight, and this is factual, but to create a belief that you are therefore a bad person, if you think about it, is just plain nuts! Yes, there are issues that you need to address, but these do not make you an unacceptable or substandard person! But, seeing yourself as bad does distract you from having to address the deeper pain that caused you to put on the weight in the first place. And that takes us back to your relationship with The Creator.


Life Is Not About Complaining Pain And Sorrows.
It’s About A Thousand Other Reasons To Thank Our Creator !!!

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